How to write an essay correctly

All students must write essays. Personally, for me it was quite a difficult task. Why? Because I had absolutely no skills how to write an essay correctly.

Now I’m happy to share with you some ways how to write an essay correctly.

First, the essay, like any creative work, must consist of three parts: the introduction, the main part and conclusions.

Secondly, there are several types of essays: descriptive essay, composition about the picture, expository essay, argumentative essay, short essay, literary essay, etc.

How to write a descriptive essay

When describing a person, it is necessary to pay attention to both appearance and internal qualities that reveal a person in fullness. It is necessary to show the relationship of appearance and character of personality.

How correctly to write an essay on a picture. First you need to carefully consider it. Set that can be seen on which are located on the right and left sides of the central part of the picture. It is important to describe the color gamut, what mood the image in the picture causes. In the end, you need to express your inner mood, which causes this picture.

How to write an expository essay

It contains two parts:

  1. Statement of the text.
  2. Own thoughts about the topic.

The peculiarity of such a composition is that between the first and second parts there must be a coherent transition in the form of a single sentence. The conclusion begins with the words: “so”, “thus”, etc.

An essay is a creative work, outlined by one’s own thoughts and words. Therefore, it is necessary to make efforts and diligence to type my essay!

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