Why Zoos Are Necessary for Education

Human beings established zoos for a number of reasons. The preservation of animals in zoos makes it easier for more people to see them. As well, zoos have been used to preserve various endangered species. Some skeptics believe strongly that zoos have no role in the society. They argue that a zoo makes it impossible for animals to have healthy lives. However, zoos have become powerful educational tools for many scholars, biologists, and researchers (Falk & Dierking, 2000). Individuals who visit a zoo get the rare opportunity to examine the relationship between man and animals (Wagoner & Jensen, 2010). Students can learn a lot about certain animals that might not be locally available. Many specimens and animals in zoos are usually labeled thus making it easier for visitors to recognize them. Such zoos also educate people about the mating behaviors and eating habits of different animals.

Wagoner and Jensen (2010) argue that zoos make it possible for researchers to conduct their studies. For instance, researchers can use caged animals to make various observations about wild animals. The acquired knowledge can be used to support the survival of wild animals in their natural habitats. It is therefore agreeable that zoos have an important educational role in every society. This is the case because learning is an ever-changing process (Falk & Dierking, 2000). Adults and children should therefore visit different zoos in order to understand how human life is linked to that of animals. More people will also get the opportunity to distinguish every animal from its immediate relatives. In conclusion, the society should safeguard these zoos because they will always contribute a lot to human education and knowledge.

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