Why the novel “The curious incident” is worth reading?

The book “The curious incident” was written by British writer mark Haddon. The novel won the prestigious Witbreuk prize, which is awarded for the promotion of works that brings the pleasure of reading. The work tells the story of a teenager suffering from autism. First published in 2003.

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A short story

Fifteen-year-old Christopher Boone, an autistic and poorly focused on the ground, almost no contact with people, but well versed in mathematics. Soon he will have to make a journey that will change his life.

His name and the story is told. Boone lives with his father in Swindon. The boy said that his mother died almost two years ago from a heart attack. One day, Christopher found in the garden dead dog. It stuck a garden fork.

He’s intrigued and decides to investigate this incident. Father denies but the son does not listen and starts writing a book. In records about the incident, he also tries to explain how difficult it is to communicate with people and how to construct his memory.

The book complements the mathematical formulas proving his remarkable mathematical abilities. During the investigation, it turns out that his mother is alive and lives in London. The guy is not happy, he concealed many of the facts of life and decides to move to live with her mother.

Christopher absolutely not able to communicate with others, never left the house, to school it took a special bus for sick children. These circumstances did not break the decision to continue the planned journey in the world, which he avoided.

A walk in London has turned into a dangerous enterprise, because Christopher does not know anything that normal children do, without hesitation. Even to sit down in public transport, he has with great difficulty, not to mention other things.

The book is sad but optimistic. Eventually, Christopher met with the mother and passed exams in mathematics, which gives hope that the boy faced in the future will be strong enough to overcome them.

“Mysterious night murder of a dog” reviews of the book

Many recognize that the book is neither sad nor cheerful. She lives.

In simple, accessible language, the author gave the idea that all people are different, you need to learn to understand patients with autism and along with them other people with disabilities.

Readers like honesty Christopher, which manifested itself in thoughts, recorded in his book.

Some initially thought it was the detective, but it turned out that narrative can be called more of a drama. Although no one regretted spent time reading.

Criticism after the book noticed that the author gave a precise description of the behavior of a person suffering from this syndrome. What Haddon said that is not an expert in the medical and psychological issues.

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