Should Wealth Nations be allowed to Share their Wealth with Poorer Nations by providing them with things such as Food and Education?


In my opinion, rich countries should be required to stake their richness with the poorer countries by offering them with necessary equirements like food and education. This is because of the below three reasons.


First, people of both rich and poor nations are humans. Thus, we can’t just look at, overhead of, or converse with humans who die because of anger without empathy and sympathy. Sharing their stake with less fortunate countries is not only a moral deed but also an obligatory task.

Secondly, several countries in the African and the Asian continents are very deprived. Disasters such as starvation, diseases, delinquency and illiteracy are butchering their citizens. In contrast, many of the European and American states are very rich. If no actions are taken soon, this disparity will rise intensely. Weak States will become poorer while rich countries will become more productive. The less developed states will be slaves of the well-developed states. Hence, sharing richness is a significant way of restricting people from that wicked future.

Lastly, though sharing richness with poor countries is very significant, it should end at only offering basic needs like food, medicines and education. Else, poor countries will become reliant on that help. Probably, they may mislay the energy of building themselves. Moreover, wealth states can take benefit of their aid to hamper the political governance of poor countries.


In conclusion, I feel that sharing richness with poor States has both negative and positive impacts. My urge to the concerned parties is that we ought to avoid the adverse impacts and practice the positive effects.

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