Victor Hugo “The Man who laughs”

To read classic fiction for the modern man still to wear the beautiful costume from the world-famous couturier. The only book will give you something more than aesthetic – sharp mind.

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Immortal creation of Victor Hugo

French writer Victor Hugo books created specifically in order to pick up the most sensitive strings of the human soul, to educate and raise her. His most famous novel “the Man who laughs” laughing at the fawning of the values of peace, shows how important the inner freedom, the ability to maintain itself and to protect its principles, to be brave and honest.

What is the novel about?

If you haven’t decided whether to read the work of “the Man who laughs”, a brief summary will help Orient. So Hugo takes us to Portland the end of the XVIII century, where they found the baby the founding. The events that precede it, will clearly give you to understand – the story is intense, full of mysteries and unexpected twists.

The novel consists of several parts connected with one another but is also filled with original details: The sea and the night, by order of the king.

It tells the story of sixty years of traveling philosopher by the name of Urus, who entertains fairground rabble ventriloquism, divination, and other magic tricks. Travels with him and his wolf, who is called Homo.

A special place in the book is the author of rethinking the principles of romanticism, the understanding of life and death, wisdom and madness, sin and innocence, meanness and generosity. Such a terrible thing as death ceases to be perceived tragically, the adults in this book, return the purity and tranquility of children’s souls, insane show considerable worldly wisdom, justifying the popular opinion that they are the Pets of God.

The second part reveals to the reader a complex, contradictory character of Gwynplaine. It is the creation of endowed intimidating to a normal human appearance, with a huge mouth, ears, bat-like and nightmarish eyes. However, Gwynplaine happy, peaceful and able to live in harmony with the world. Despite the fact that he’s constantly laughing townsfolk, he is able to laugh over this difficult world and with yourself. What are his adventures? Is to know yourself, read the book.

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