Useful Tips for Composing a Term Paper

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1.1. Structure of a term paper

What is term paper? As a rule, the topic selection determines the size of this kind of paper – 15 pages maximum. The formal framework regarding the paper has to be adjusted to the system, which is as follows:

Cover page

Content (if required)

Illustrations List (if any)

Set of Abbreviations (whenever appropriate)

Main body

Bibliography (or works cited)

Appendix (if required)

1.1.1. Cover page

The subject of paper appears to be centered within the part, which is upper one, of cover page alongside with university name, name of professor, and date.

1.1.2. Content

The content shows page numbers indicated. All headings should be the same as in the text body. The given part of this term paper’s structure has to be easily comprehensible in a logical way.

Those sections with the contents of equal priority have really to be put at the same level of structure. The headings refer to the aspects pointed out within the related subsections. Create the subsection if one or more subitems are following, for example, with at least two subitems. An example of term paper will serve as a good object lesson in this situation.

1.1.3. List of illustrations

If your term paper consists of illustrations, it is reasonable to add the list of all illustrations used. In such a record, all illustrations should be enumerated with headings, numbers and page numbers.

1.1.4. Abbreviations Set

Explain and list those abbreviations utilized in your paper alphabetically. The usage of abbreviations must certainly be limited to typical abbreviations within the certain area and general linguistic use. When buying term papers, you will not need to think about all these above-mentioned nuances. So, you can also consider that variant.

1.1.5. Main Body

Of course, the written text is your paper’s core. Here, a writer deals with the given or offered topic in a specific way. Students need to focus on an accurate scientific data and facts. Written text components, tips, and ways of information used need to be cited to and explained according to works used. At this stage of writing process, address to your scientific supervisor if you need help with your paper or essay. Term paper writing should not become a torment for you.

1.1.6. Bibliography

The bibliography includes all sources indicated in alphabetical order. When one author is referred to a few times, his/her works are also indicated chronologically.

1.1.7. Appendix

The given section appendix depicts the background information, which cannot be included in the text because of lack of space. Although the text presentation is preferred as far as possible. The body of text has to avoid numbers or multiple consecutive pages of tables.

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