Top 5 best selling books in the world

We can argue endlessly about personal preferences in literature. The book presented today, hit record sales speak for themselves about what to like readers.

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Anne Frank “The Diary Of Anne Frank”

Anne Frank was born in Germany to a Jewish family on 12 June 1929. After came to power, the Nazis that have persecuted all Jews, her father was forced to leave their homeland and to migrate to the Netherlands, where he became Director of the joint-stock company and six months later moved the family to themselves.

In 1940, the Wehrmacht occupied the area. The Holocaust was chasing them closely. The family had to hide in the shelter hosted by the employees of the company. In that secret place of young Anne Frank wrote a diary in the form of letters.

The first letter dated 12 June 1942, the day she was born. The girl described everything that happens with them to escape from harsh reality. Unfortunately, according to the informer, they were found and sent to a concentration camp where she died of typhus. “The diary of Anne Frank” became evidence of Nazi crimes against humanity.

Napoleon Hill “Think and grow rich”

Napoleon Hill — American psychologist and philosopher (1883 -1970). Opublikoval number of books on motivation to improve material welfare. Brought the “Golden rule”, which holds the business today: “you are what you think”.

Hill has achieved. “Think and grow rich” — a book for those who want to be successful not only in material but in any field. The author shares his views on life and philosophy, which in his example has proven that they work.

Margaret Mitchell “Gone with the wind”

Margaret Mitchell (1900 – 1949) was an English novelist and journalist. Wrote the famous novel “gone with the wind”. Based on this book being made into the eponymous film, which won eight Oscars.

The book describes the life of young women, Scarlett O’Hara in the background of the raging American civil war. Overcoming obstacles, she reinvents her life, finds faith in himself and goes to meet his love.

Dan Brown “The da Vinci Code”

Dan brown (born 1964) is an American writer and journalist. The author of popular novels, which tells about secret societies, conspiracies, and mystical symbolism. The novel “da Vinci Code” is a continuation of the book “Angels and demons”.

In “the da Vinci Code” follows Professor Robert Langdon, who was accused of the crime. To prove his innocence, he along with cryptographer Sophie Neveu is collecting irrefutable evidence in their favor. In the process of investigating the secrets, which can undermine the influence of the Catholic Church.

Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight”

Stephenie Meyer (born 1973) is an American novelist. Became popular after the series of novels “Twilight”. Fantastic with elements of mystery novel about a seventeen-year-old girl Bella who falls in love with a guy from a family of vampires.

The young man refused attacks on people, which led to a confrontation between vampire clans, which is unacceptable discharge from the millennial values. All stacks of popular books, provided in this article, you can read on our website in full for free.

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