The popular book “Loneliness in the network”

Janusz Leon Wisniewski is a scientist in computer science and chemistry, but widely known it owes a good debut book “loneliness in the network”. The book became a bestseller, reprinted many times. Based on the works produced the film.

Dear readers probably have heard different opinions about this novel from enthusiastic to sharply negative and thinking “is Worth reading or not?”. For you, we have compiled a short review and try to consider the popular work from different angles.

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How did the idea to write a novel?

Janusz Wisniewski for his services to science received his doctoral title, but the joy of success gave way to the depression. The writer went wrong family life with the result that he soon divorced. Writing a novel was the outlet that helped to survive the trauma. The book Janusz Vishnevsky “loneliness in the network” came out in 2001.

Janusz is a young and promising scientist. He is a pole but moved to live in Germany. In a foreign country, Janusz feels lonely and desire to chat with someone pushing him to virtual Dating. The nameless heroine — a young, cute and also feels lonely, though married.

Because of the constant quarrels with her husband and a misunderstanding of each other girl to escape from family problems, start to correspond online, where they accidentally met with Janus. They first cautiously and then openly began to share intimate thoughts and feelings.

After a while, the characters knew about each other everything. In the correspondence, they share their thoughts about science, religion, life and even candid personal topics. Janusz romantic by nature and is well versed in the psychology of women. He was able to regain her confidence and rediscover the lost joy.

She, too, is not plain, just could be interested in such a smart and witty guy. Their conversations began to date and after a long stirring of communication the couple finally decided to meet in real life and not just anywhere, but in the center of Paris — the city of lovers.

Meeting the desirable, what is happening in the background of the tragedy. The plane that was to fly to his beloved Janusz crashed and he miraculously survived. Their date is full of a variety of feelings that it is impossible to describe, and the book is better “loneliness in the network” to read online.


Sentimental people will love it. The book is full of emotion, so stock up on handkerchiefs.Those who have seen the film I advise all the same to read the novel. It has more passion and deeply indulges in the nuances of virtual love.

In the novel, alcohol is flowing a stream, there are moments vulgar and too explicit sex scenes.

In addition to the main characters, Wisniewski reveals the supporting characters that make the book more interesting, and the writer appears to us as a connoisseur of human souls.

Impressed with the unpredictable end of the book.

We hope we helped a little with information about this book, but a personal opinion, of course, you can fold only reading the novel of Janusz Vishnevsky “Loneliness in a network” in full.

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