The movie against the book Part 2

The value of books cannot be overemphasized. They develop imagination, forcing to use thought processes, allow you to experience a range of emotions, to improve your vocabulary. Most people who have read the work, and later decided to see her adaptation was very disappointed. The script does not cover even half of the work, setting and main characters in the imagination seemed completely different. What can we say about other parts?

However, we should not neglect the fact that some of the works consist of five or six volumes. And physically it becomes impossible to cram these huge works with hundreds of pages in the limited scope of a ninety-minute film. For the full picture, you need to read the original.

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As for films, it is always processed and submitted by the writers and Director, from their point of view. We can say that is the transfer history via the so-called mediator. Because of this, the view of the author of the film may not fully coincide with our point of view. Therefore, in most cases, the book and its adaptation should be considered as two separate works.

In any case, the depth described in the book, after all, can not be compared with that manages to capture the Director even in the best and well thought-out the film. All films include fragments that are able to draw attention to the film until the very end. In the book, the plot gradually unfolds, laying out before the reader as intriguing moments, and other “household”.

Overall, the book and the film are measured and perceived differently. After all, they are representatives of completely different forms of creativity that are completely impossible to compare even. However, they continue to live in parallel with each other. There are film fans who enjoy reading an interesting novel. And passionate lovers of literature will not refuse to watch worthy films.

Among some people, it is commonly believed that the adaptation works is always worse than books. However, there are some examples to refute that thought. One of the best adaptations can be rightly called the series “Master and Margarita” based on the eponymous novel of Mikhail Bulgakov. And global popularity has books “Harry Potter” by JK Rowling and “the Lord of the rings” by John Tolkien, and the movies.

It may well-known work by Herman Melville “Moby dick or the White whale.” Voluminous, long novel with occasional lyrical digressions, which pervades the biblical symbolism and imagery among the literature of American romanticism. Unfortunately, Herman Melville’s contemporaries failed to appreciate his creation. The rediscovery of the novel happened in the nineteen twenties.

The plot of the piece is revealed gradually. Actions are often mixed with reflections of the author, sometimes they take the form of philosophical statements. The narrative is passed from person typical American sailor, Ishmael, who went on a voyage on the whaling ship “Pequod.”

The captain of a whaling ship, Ahab, was wholly absorbed in his idea, he was eager to take revenge on the giant white whale was killed by whalers, and was known as Moby dick. In the last voyage by the fault of the whale Moby dick, captain Ahab had lost one leg, and ever since captain daily used the prosthesis.

Captain Ahab commanded his subordinates to keep an eye on waters and gives a promise that he will give a gold doubloon to the first person who will notice in a sea of Moby dick. From then on the ship constantly begin to happen terrible, and even sinister events. From boats during whaling falls into the open sea and spends on the barrel all night young ship boy PIP. After that, he goes crazy. Finally, the day came when the “Pequod” catches up with Moby dick.

Three days went behind him chasing all this time, the whaling ship trying to catch or kill Moby dick, but every day he breaks all boats. The next, second, day, killed the Persian harpooner Fedallah, which prior to the events foretold to captain Ahab before him, he will leave.

Then on the next third day, when the ship is drifting near the huge white whale Moby Dick, captain Ahab has his harpoon. However, at this point, he becomes entangled in a line and dies in the sea. Moby dick is completely breaking and destroying all boats and their crew, except for Ishmael. From the strongest blow, Moby dick sinks the entire ship along with all who remained on it.

Ishmael miraculously saves the empty tomb. He was prepared for one person from whalers. But until then it is not useful. Later it was converted into a rescue buoy, which is like a cork, was floating near the Ismail clutching his coffin, he survived. The next day he was rescued, he picks up the crew of a passing ship “Rachel”.

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