The Great Gatsby

Breathe deeply and begin to read the story of the great and mysterious man. For the sake of love, he became rich and famous, but no one knew him for real. Who is he? What is his greatness, and tragedy? Read on.

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Scott Fitzgerald “The Great Gatsby”

Scott was very famous in the twenties of the last century and is one of the representatives of the so-called “lost generation”. On the pages of their works could describe the “age of jazz” as no writer had done before him before! Remains popular in our days, due to the fact that the topics which he raised do not “musty”.

A brief biography of Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Born in 1896 in the American city of St. Paul. The son was a long-awaited and desired child, as children, the parents died. Despite the crisis in America, the family was able to give Francis a good education.

After graduating in 1910, the Academy of Saint Paul goes to Princeton University. As a student conducts an active way of life and begins to write his first stories and small plays. However, Francis later admitted that life was bearing down on him because of the advantage over him, children from more affluent families.

Class inequality and injustice, he felt; too lazy and a waste of time privileged sections of society he describes in his works as unacceptable constituents of a democratic society.

Not having finished University, went to the front as a volunteer. Francis Scott distinguished zeal, he was able to make a successful career in the military, but after serving two years was discharged from the army.

In 1920 he published the book “this side of Paradise”, which immediately brought him fame, recognition, and a good financial return. In the same year married and enjoyed with his wife the carefree life.

In this period of his life wrote a lot in journals, and also published novels and short stories. Cheerful, sprightly a writer’s life ended with his wife’s illness. In his autobiographical novel “tender is the Night”, he described the despair that he felt, to no avail fighting attacked him misery.

Hard years of life affected the health of the writer and at the age of forty-four years in 1940, Fitzgerald died of a heart attack. Buried in Hollywood.

Literary heritage

  • “This side of Paradise”;
  • “The beautiful and the damned”;
  • “The Great Gatsby”;
  • “Tender is the night”;
  • “The last tycoon”;
  • “The curious case of Benjamin Button”.

Who would be interested to read the novel?

Small in size, but profound book. Easy to read and fast. It will be interesting to read “the Great Gatsby” to anyone who likes to ponder deep spiritual matters and who is attracted to an unexpected turn of events. A classic work, which has not lost its relevance.

Interesting facts about the novel “the Great Gatsby”

Unlike other successful novels, this one was not so popular due to the lack of good female characters, as it was made in the literature. At that time, the main reading audience was female. It is interesting that the poet allegedly wrote the epigraph to this novel, never existed.

The reviews were critically accepted by the readers, but the novel made a huge impression on the writers. Hunter S. Thompson retyped his own work, to understand how wrote Frances Fitzgerald.

Moral of the product

Beautiful work, makes you wonder about the meaning of life. It reveals many problems that were relevant at the time when I lived Francis Fitzgerald, and in ours. The author proposes to think about who is around us and whether they will be real friends to us in the critical moments of our lives.

Gatsby wanted to possess the woman, not deserving love. The final logical and tragic deceit and hypocrisy, the pursuit of wealth to no good do not lead, but only to be disappointed. The author showed that the illusions beckon and make you do crazy things, but they are dangerous because sooner or later everything falls into place and everything will have to pay the bills.

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Brief contents

Gatsby lives in a luxurious mansion, shining splendor, hear the song that takes the band. It is visited by a beautiful lady in luxurious fashionable dresses with diamonds. Men Shine in coats. Everyone knows him, but I don’t know who he is, what he does and why this masquerade.

Nick Carraway, on behalf of the narrator, gradually tells us about him. Gatsby is a successful businessman, embodies the American dream to be popular and independent. But behind the mask of the eternal celebration hides the sadness and inevitability of a disaster.

The image of the protagonist is ambiguous. On the one hand, romantic, fighting for your love, for this he achieves fame and fortune. On the other hand, the Wheeler-dealer who is engaged in illegal business is in a relationship with the underworld.

His lover — the beautiful Daisy are accustomed to luxury and convenience of life, issues of morality did not think, after all, just about money and wealthy admirers was her understanding of real life. She’s the big baby, didn’t want to take responsibility for their actions. Could only receive love without giving anything in return.

It turns out that Jay Gatsby and beautiful the castle was built only in order to attract his beloved, who was from high society. Her love sought for five years. All that he did and what he did — it was all for her!

Compared to other characters in the book Gatsby looks really great, because it has qualities that are not in the company of people, idly conducting life. Loyalty, generosity, an ability to love.

It’s beautiful traits!

But in a moment the fatal combination of circumstances changed everything. From the former greatness of Gatsby, there is not a trace, what all our hero wanted was a falsehood. One of the many attending his parties didn’t even come to his funeral. Everything about it was soon forgotten.

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