The book of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”

This work is one of the most famous and popular in his work. First published in the winter of 1844. The book loved by many generations since childhood and is known for its animated films.

Reading the tale of Christian Andersen’s “the snow Queen”, notice some differences with what is on the screen, but this is understandable because every creative person has their own interpretation of the reading. We will examine the work which the author wrote in the original.

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What can children learn?

Love and kindness, because Gerda was searching for Kai, despite the fact that he was hurt after he was hit by a piece of mirror.

Courage, loyalty, and devotion. The girl has overcome many obstacles and itself freezing, warmed Kai’s, heart.

The courage and determination with which she walked into danger, made kinder to other people and they helped the main character.

The plot

Once upon a time lived an evil Troll. He ordered to make such a mirror to the good and beautiful image distorted and smaller, and the ugly look even uglier. His disciples were running around town with a mirror and laughed at people.

One day, they climbed high into the sky to laugh at the Creator, but the mirror slipped from their hands and shattered into small pieces. If a piece fell into his eyes, the man saw only the bad and if in your heart, then it becomes evil. The Troll watched and laughed.

In one town nearby lived a poor family. Their children Kai and Gerda played together. They felt each other the tender feelings of a brother and sister. Especially they liked together to read books under the rose bushes that have grown their families.

Once, sitting next to gorgeous flowers, Kai screamed. Something sharp stung his eyes and heart. It was the shards of mirror Troll! The boy was unrecognizable. He was rude to adults and Gerda and the roses that now seemed ugly.

Winter came. Kai took the sleds and went sliding on the town square. Suddenly he saw the amazing beauty of a woman in a blinding white coat and a huge sleigh, clinging to it were removed further and further from the city. It turned out that it was none other than the snow Queen herself. She wrapped the boy in a fur coat, kissed and he forgot about everything even Gerd.

The child waited a long time, but he never returned. Rumored that Kai died. The girl did not believe these stories but felt that her friend was alive and decided to find a comrade. Poor Gerda did not even know that it will have to meet the wicked witch with crows, who lived in the Palace, the robbers, and the Snow Queen.

Her pure love was so deep that she withstood all the trials and saved Kai.

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