The 5 most popular books for children

We don’t forget about our little readers. For children of preschool and younger school age, our editorial staff has prepared the popular works of the suspense genre.

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Astrid Lindgren’s “Rasmus, Pontus and Clumsy”

Life in the small Swedish town Westerbeke to more points for someone boring, but not for friends Rasmus and Pontus. They don’t miss a single opportunity to make a dizzying adventure. What could be more fun of a trip to the fair or the night of the abduction, “the Form of unnecessary things”?

But maybe it’s worth to travel the world with sword swallower? The real adventure was not long in coming. One day, robbers stole a small, innocent puppy Bozo. Friends safely begin an investigation into this dangerous business.

Enid Blyton “Famous five”

Detective series of children’s stories. The collection became so popular that Enid Blyton, who wanted to produce not more than 8 books that “had” to release 21 books! A huge circulation of this series shows the high popularity of her children’s stories all over the world.

The book “Magnificent five” — about two brothers Julian and dick and sister Anne, who often come to my cousin George for the holidays. Young detectives witness the mysteries and reveal them, leading the investigation all the rules of the detective genre.

“The mystery of the pigeon”

Anton Ivanov — Russian children’s writer, author of many detective stories for children. In the book “the mystery of the pigeon” tells of a girl Masha, Shkolnikov, once on the balcony found a purebred pigeon, which had a damaged wing.

Together with his best friends will they find the owner of this strange findings. Make it easy, because they live in a huge city. For the treatment of birds came from people that eventually began to cause suspicion. Maybe this is the culprit and they made the mistake of giving the bird right into his hands? Children have to solve questions no children.

“The Gingerbread man is on the trail”

This book has a lot of humor and fun. Written in simple and accessible for children language. The story of the Investigator of the Bun and Bulatkina, who began investigating the disappearance of a little boy.

Suspected aliens. Maybe they stole it in order to exchange for homemade burgers? The investigation is progressing is not easy, because the Gingerbread man is looking for a head — feet. About what really happened to the boy who stole it read the entire book online.

Robert Stein “A horrible teacher: the Final exam”

Robert Stein — American writer. The author of stories for children in the genre of horror and fantasy. For some of his works filmed television series. In the book “a Terrible teacher” on a dangerous teacher that scared all the kids.

Boy Tommy Farrelly knows why she should be afraid because he was seeing her in a strange summer camp for winners and might even never return from it, if not pass the Final exam.

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