Syndrome of emotional burnout. What is it and how to deal with it?

Today, many people work hard and feel cornered. Being busy at work affects physical and emotional health. What will help to keep a balanced perspective on work? Here we will look at some tips on how to change the priorities and cope with emotional burnout.

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Emotional burnout. What is it?

For example, one man, let’s call him Dmitri, recently got a job at the prestigious with good pay job and now he works from morning till night and sometimes even on weekends. He believes that this is hardly the place to find all tools until he was visited by a thought: “I so long will not stand!”. Dmitry just burned at work.

Syndrome of emotional burnout is not a short-term stress or fatigue, and total exhaustion, growing despair and sense of helplessness. Now many people on the verge of a nervous tension, and they lose motivation and become less efficient.

What factors cause burnout?

Excessive download. It is no secret that employers try to give their subordinates more work for less pay. A sense of injustice and fear layoffs add fuel to the fire.

Staff conflicts. The inability to communicate with each other adds up to an atmosphere of malevolence that makes the job undesirable.

Internal motives. Sometimes blame the man himself. Because of the desire to reach heights in your career and earn more people are trying to grasp the immensity that leads to disastrous consequences.

What steps to take to recuperate?

Sometimes it may seem that there is no escape, but a few good tips will help you to see that the situation is not as hopeless and you can improve the attitude of the team, superiors and the work itself.

Step 1. Prioritization

Stop and think — what do you work? Many will tell you that for the sake of family welfare and health. However, this primarily falls under the scope. You can say that care for the needs of loved ones is your responsibility and rightly so, but in the pursuit of money would you lose what you value most — your family?

Long stay outside the home communion between the spouses, the children grow up without a proper education that leads to the inevitable quarrels and conflicts, which in turn may lead to divorce. Health also in no way improved.

Everyone needs money, but this is the price? Should not be leveled at the other, but it is important to place priorities in life. In some critical cases, it is necessary to go for loved ones on the victim and reduce a work schedule, and maybe even change jobs. Put family at the forefront!

Step 2. Simplify life

So, we decided for the sake of reducing stress and improving family relationships to reduce the working schedule. For this, you need to reduce the queries and doing some savings, which will give more freedom and a sense of peace. Talk to the life partner why are you doing this and enlist his support.

Remember that simplifying life is not so difficult as it seems. Many of the media to impose the idea that without fashion purchases will not be in happiness life. In fact, for human well-being need little. A simple life frees you from having to upgrade to expensive technical innovations and leads to inner peace and satisfaction.

Step 3. Respectful talk with the boss about reducing workloads

Honestly, assess your workload. If it is impossible or constantly having problems to calm its execution, is soft and respectful to say about this boss.

Reassure him in diligence and support and explain that it is beyond your physical capabilities. Be realistic in your expectations, because the request for reduced schedule will inevitably lead to a reduction in income.

While you are employed, you can think about an alternative plan finding the appropriate job. Even a positive response of the authorities to reduce the volume of work will not give you a guarantee that there will be attempts again you download. In this case, remind the boss about his promise.

Step 4. Make time to rest

From time to time conflicts in the workplace and the unpleasant situation is inevitable. If life for you is a job, then give it less importance will not be easy. Understanding that life is diverse, and much of the work will see should give a boost to more joyful pursuits.

Pay more attention to your family, but if you have not got a home, communication with friends or expand your horizons. For rest, it is not necessary to spend a large amount. Life is beautiful and should appreciate every single moment. Your efforts for the good of the family will be repaid with interest!

Reading material useful for improving the quality of life? We picked up the literature in which famous psychologists advise on how to improve family relationships, to have an adequate view of the work, to develop good habits and more. More books on psychology, visit the website.

Dale Carnegie “How to stop worrying and start living”

In this book, the author promises to fix problems and sorrows, but offers to look inside yourself and understand — whether it is you worrying about? After reading I understand that some of the life’s situations are to let go and, in general, easier to treat life.

The publication provides examples of specific people as they came out of difficult situations. Read Dale Carnegie “How to stop worrying and start living”.

Richard Bandler “Use your brain for change”

Book from a professional therapist. Bandler offers their methods of change to yourself and other people using the gray matter called the brain. In the book practical advice and techniques that will help to achieve harmony.

Cloud Madanes “the Secret meaning of money”

Madanes raised in the book difficult topic of the impact of money on family conflicts, but it is only what lies on the surface. The underlying processes of the anger and greed are hidden, but to understand and fix bugs it will be interesting to a wide circle of readers because these issues are of concern to many.

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