Stieg Larsson’s trilogy “Millenium”

Hacker. This word is a frightening and compelling mystery. To lift the veil on the full dangers of life computer hackers tried Stig Larsson. The book talks about hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist’s detective, who together are challenging investigation.

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“The girl with the dragon tattoo”

Journalist detective Mikael Blomkvist spent three months on false charges billionaire Hans accused him again of slander. His case became interested in the Swedish businessman Henrik Vanger hired Lisbeth for a collection of complete information about Michaela.

Through his lawyer, ranger instructed the journalist to investigate the case 40 years ago. At the time, lost his sixteen-year-old niece Harriet’s murder which he suspects his relative Hans accused him again. For this, he promises a reward. After some hesitation, Michael agrees.

During the investigation, he discovers that he was compiling a dossier Lisbeth Salander and asks her to help. Hacker agrees to cooperate with him. Together they discover terrible facts. In the 1960-ies in the area where fared, Harriet wielded a serial killer rapist.

Moreover, it is obvious that the girl found out who is the killer and paid for it. Such cases do not have the right to be forgotten, and the offender is still not answered for the atrocities. Lisbeth dragon tattoo and Mikael got on the trail of a maniac but read about it fully.

“The girl who played with fire”

In the second part of the trilogy, we learn about the past of Lisbeth Salander and a new adventure which was not long in coming. This time she, along with Michael will be released on the trail of a criminal business dealing with attracting girls into sexual slavery.

In this case, it unconsciously involves the former guardian and part-time torturer Nils Bjurman. He will make every effort to withdraw in Lisbeth dirt on him, but he lands in a trap.

The book keeps in suspense until the last moment, it describes a lot of fights, harassment, and only, in the end, readers learn that the hacker wanted to set fire to the car of one of the main characters. Playing with fire is dangerous!

“The girl who blew up castles in the air”

Lisbeth Salander in the second part, barely surviving in battle, woke up in serious condition in the hospital. The girl accused of attempted murder and put a guard so that she couldn’t escape. Her only lawyer. Meanwhile, her partner is Mikael Blomkvist, the journalist of the newspaper “Millennium” helps you to collect the documents justifying Lisbeth.

He goes to the group “Section” of a Department of the State security Service, but which is out of control. What happened read the book. Overall, the trilogy of Stig of Larsson’s “Millennium” will interest readers who are fond of thrillers with lots of action, drive and a bunch of riddles.

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