Security Of US Borders And Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has been a majorissue in the United States thusthegovernment has beentrying all its best to preventit. An illegalimmigrant isanyindividualswhosettle in a differentcountry without thenecessitatedlegal documentation. Illegal immigration might eventuallylead to the argumentation of crimerates, over populationsandalsounemploymentforthelegallysettledinhabitants. Thegovernment has also enhancedthesecurity along its borderso as to preventthisact. According to LeMays’ book (2007), statistics revealsthatillegalimmigrants significantly contributes to amplified populationrate (p. 104). Thegovernment has passeda numberlaws to put a halt to thissituation.

There is also some harsh rules that the government has created to limit the rate of immigration. The government has also enhanced the border security by the utilization of surveillance technology, advances military power. Provision of numerous legal offices that provide the appropriate settlement documents. The United States government has aided in preventing millions of illegal immigrants from infringing upon each legal citizen’s right to pursue the American dream (Meyer, 2010).

Despite the enhancement of the security of the American borders, illegal immigration is still an issue in some states owing to corruption. A study by Gambler (2012) reveals that a few border officials are at times involved in corruption scenarios. These individuals allow illegal immigrants into the country and in return they get some advances from these immigrants (Border security, paragraph. 2). Regardless of the remarkable efforts of the United States government in stopping illegal immigration entirely, some individuals are ruining the efforts totally. Eliminating corrupt officials permanently is the only possible way of reducing illegal immigration in the border sections.

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