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Needs to be descriptive and clear, not too prolonged. Ideally, it should describe the main results.

Introductory paragraph

In about 2-6 paragraphs, an introductory paragraph:

1) presents the specific problem and defines the reason why it really is so challenging;

2) sums up what can be said about the problem, referring to previous work and

3) sums up your strategy.

  • Put a question: why the given issue is significant? Just why is it up to date? How exactly your personal approach to the issue differs from various other techniques and approaches?
  • You can give a short overview of the results– but only an overview.
  • Try not to make use of subheadings in your introductory paragraph when writing a scientific report.


  • Give detailed explanations concerning your approaches for specialists in the same sphere to copy experiments, and for researchers in a related sphere to comprehend the subject matter associated with methods.
  • Try not to add outcomes to approaches. Although, you can shortly point out the explanation for a process in case it turns out the approaches to be easy to read.
  • Apply thick type subheadings in order to break up approaches. It organizes the approaches part by topic and permits readers interested just in a few aspects of approaches to discover what they need.


  • Put your outcomes in order that be called logically coherent one. Concentrate on the best experiments.
  • Figures should be numbered in the same order they are referred to.
  • All figures and tables SHOULD possess legends.


  • Give consideration to your outcomes, including them in the same frameworks, which were familiar before your research.
  • Emphasize any agreements or possible disagreements between the data. Touch upon possible good reasons intended for disagreements. In case you are not sure how to do it properly, report writing samples can become your solution.
  • Deal with those questions provoked by conclusions together with your findings.


  • Refer to the sources linked with the statements of known results, hypotheses, approaches, and supporting information.
  • Keep in mind that the title of the journal needs to be italicized, and one should remember that the volume number is in bold. When dealing with the list of references, insert all names of authors, even when there are several of them. Be sure that all sources cited can be found in the list of references. The same guideline will be also useful when you are going to learn how to make a book report.

Final Comment

Keep in mind this is certainly a research report, but not a grant proposal or progress report. Certain goals are not appropriate and really should never be discussed; though, surely, you will talk about the total aim in the introductory paragraph.

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