Reducing Traffic Accidents

The best way to reduce the number of traffic accidents is to make all young drivers complete a safe driving education course before being licensed to drive. What do you think?

It is common knowledge that there is an exponential increase in the rate of traffic accidents that is leading to numerous untimely deaths. Whereas efforts are being made by concerned authorities on a daily basis to address the traffic concerns by formulating and implementing the requisite traffic rules and regulations, as well as offering training courses, I still believe that enough is not being done to curb this issue.

Firstly, almost all the concerned parties agree to the fact that among the best strategies to reduce fatal road accidents is by incorporating safe driving education for new drivers in the driving curriculum. Learning drivers ought to comprehend and strictly adhere to important instructions in order to avoid potential hazard (Castro, 2009). The construction and periodic maintenance of pitched roads helps to maintain safety of the road and plays a crucial role in reducing the death toll of youths as a result of accidents.

Furthermore, aspiring young drivers should be well explained to on the different road conditions and how to read and interpret various road signs, as well as strategies to maneuver different types of roads and risky scenarios (Haleem, 2009). For instance, young motorists should take greater caution driving on smooth tarmac roads during rainy conditions. Apart from theoretical driving lessons, they should also be accustomed to continuous practical driving lessons so as to sharpen their driving skills.

On the contrary, there may be certain barriers that may inhibit young aspiring drivers from participating in safer driving campaigns prior to the actual driving. The barriers may be in the form of time and cost for undertaking the driving lessons.

I am of the idea that apart from fixing bad roads and putting road signs throughout the course of the road, road safety awareness is necessary to reduce the rate at which road accidents occur.

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