Reading books is exciting and useful!

Scientists have found that a child’s brain develops most intensively at the age of three years. For the development of emotional and mental health is important every day to take care of him: to sing gently to communicate and to read.

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Some parents may ask, “is it So important to read to children?”. Experts answer: “Yes! Very important!”. For the development of literacy skills reading need to read books to your child. It is especially important not to miss this important educational moment to the school.

Your child learns that the letters correspond to the words. This will facilitate early development and get pleasure from reading. Parents love watching their children, who speak the beautiful literary language.

Help to cognize the world

Virtually no material costs, the child receives valuable information from the book about countries, nature, space, what you can do with their hands and this knowledge will help you learn more about the world around us. Some parents noted that children who had never seen any animals like a kangaroo or a lion came to the zoo, we recognize them.

How is this possible? Just a baby remember what you were reading and quickly learned. Children have a phenomenal memory. And what a joy to be the boy or girl to see in reality what I read! The credibility of the printed publications will grow immeasurably.

Develop trusting relationships with children

In the early years of life, the child character is formed and it acquires communication skills with other people. At this time, it is important to lay a solid Foundation for strong personal relationships and trust. Reading will help to pave the path to the heart of a child and for many years to establish understanding and mutual respect.

Even many years later, as adults, the children remember how to read with their parents and what warm feelings they felt. At such moments life, there are Frank conversations and a child shares feelings and thoughts. What would parents not want strong bonds with their children?

Train from infancy

Children are sponges and absorb all the information that surrounds them and from television the fastest. To obtain wisdom, moral values and sound reasoning is unlikely to be suitable media. Positive food for the mind should take care of the parents and offspring provide the necessary assistance.

Reading is something that will help the formation of a Mature, adequate person. Appropriate educational literature will enrich the language, raise the intelligence, erudition. When properly selected books parents can see the wrong thinking of the child and in time to correct it.

The atmosphere in which should be read with the child?

Of course, the baby benefited from reading, you need to be surrounded by a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. In any case, you can’t force a child to continue to read if he wants. Insight will help parents to stop in time.

You should not draw a hasty conclusion that books do not love your child if it is naughty. Just a baby could be tired or not in the mood. Some children can not sit long in one place. In this case, it should read, adjusting to him. Negative emotions associated with reading should not be recorded in the young minds.

Especially useful expressive reading and colorful illustrations in the publication. Change intonation, fluency of speech will help to sustain the intrigue and develop the further interest of the baby. Observe the emotions and yourself have fun!

If the child is involved in the discussion, it’s useful. Can read a few sentences, stop and ask questions that require explanations. The success of such a joint reading guaranteed

What books should you read to children?

In order to find a suitable for the development of healthy habits, literature needs to spend some time. In the selection should pay attention to the colorful cover and illustrations and, of course, on the meaning of the content. Good books carry good messages, teaching, kind and helpful.

Some publications are particularly loved by children and they will ask to read again and again. Parents who laid a solid Foundation for love of reading will be rewarded for their work in the form of educated intelligent children.

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A list of books to read informative literature

“The extraordinary adventures of cardiac and Wali” — Larry Yan Leopoldovich. This book can learn about the incredible journey of the world’s children living outside the window on the lawn. Accidentally down hundreds of times, Karik would fly the dragonfly in the grass, which will seem huge. Children learn a lot from the life of plants and animals.

“The ABC of courtesy” — Lyudmila Vasilyeva-Gangnus. In the simple manner of narration, the children will get the necessary knowledge of behavior in society, learn courtesy and good manners.

“Man on the wall” — Adolf Volovik. The book that teaches the drawing skills. Children will learn all about the laws of painting, like looking at the world through the eyes of an artist and a lot of life stories about great masters of the art.

“The overloaded ark” by Gerald Durrell. Incredibly easy the writer talks about the flora and fauna of Africa. The humor inherent in the author will help in the form of entertainment to experience the rainforest and its inhabitants.

“Missing letter” — Mikhail Evseevich Rolls. The book tells about the boys, the twins becoming first-graders, were involved in the journey to Byword, the city that had swallowed the letter, and threatens to swallow the entire alphabet. Children learn courage, team spirit and gather a lot of wise thoughts about grammar.

“Entertaining chemistry” — Lev Vlasov. Just about the complicated science of chemistry. Together with children, parents will have the opportunity to put a simple but interesting experiment. Many anecdotes, stories about chemistry, interesting facts.

We hope that the information we have offered will be useful.

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