Why you should read the book “Extremely loud & incredibly close”?

This book is dedicated not only to the victims of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001, was destroyed when the world trade center, but all the relatives of the victims and survivors of wars and terrorist attacks that forever leaves profound emotional scars.

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A short story

The story is on behalf of ten years, Oscar. He is witty, possesses knowledge in almost any field of science, but does not like to contact with society. The boy has Asperger’s syndrome. To cope with phobias helped him beloved father, which involved the son of mind games-puzzles, leaving clues.

For solving problems the guy had to go out and talk to strangers. So the father taught the child to communicate. After September 11, Oskar has never left the house, as the boy “heavy weights on your heart” — the day his father died.

Before his death, he managed to leave on the answering machine six short messages. Oscar a glimmer of hope that the father lives, that his disappearance is part of the quest, in which they usually played. Moreover, soon he found in the closet of a vase, and in it strange things.

There was an envelope with a key inside. The boy decided that his father left in order is looking for him. Oscar with hope goes on a quest. It will communicate with many people, learn their life stories.

However, he recognizes at the end of the story extremely loud & incredibly close will result in disappointment and pain, which are known to each of us. Read about it fully in the book.

Why read the book?

The eyes of a child show the story of the tragedy of September 11. The pain felt by relatives of the victims will not go away, it is impossible to speak and difficult to be silent. Oscar on behalf of many people reveals the soul to the readers, hoping for understanding and compassion.

Without the “snot” the author draws the attention of readers and unusual style keeps in suspense until the last lines that make the novel “extremely loud & incredibly close” Jonathan Safran Foer unique. The book teaches to seek the truth to the last, don’t give up, be attentive to each other.

The product has many interesting storylines. One of them is the diaries of the grandparents of Oscar, revealing a family secret that brings clarity to the narrative.

A thrilling story of life small but not childish considerate boy Oscar, without a doubt, worth the read, because of the problems of loss of relatives close to many of us. From the novel, you can come up with positive life-affirming thoughts.

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