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He is most famous and highly paid writer, aesthete, aristocrat, man. He’s sentenced to hard labor and ended his life in poverty, forgotten and despised, in a foreign country under an assumed name. About the star and death of Oscar Wilde.

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The enchanting story of success

Born 16 October 1854 in Dublin in a family physician and poet. Irish descent. The parents soon divorced and the boy was left to live with her mother Jane Algie. She instilled in the child a love of literature and from her, he inherited impeccable taste. Oscar just loved it!

The mother, being a socialite at pains to emphasize his sympathy for the Irish liberation movement. He wrote poetry under the pseudonym Speranza, which means Hope. The hope is that their ancestral homeland gain independence.

To nine years of age, Oscar was home-schooled, absorbing like a sponge a taste for the high life and talking about freedom. Then I went to school, where he showed himself friendly, sociable, with a great sense of humor boy. Finished brilliantly with a gold medal. It should be noted that learning was always easy for him, he was very capable.

Especially good was the art of leading a conversation, it was not equal. In 1874, goes to Magdalene College in Oxford, where he effortlessly the reputation of a man who knows how to Shine in society. Oscar has always and everywhere liked to be the center of attention.

Soon he headed a circle of decadents who call themselves aesthetes. And how could it be otherwise? Where beauty and aesthetics, there is Oscar Wilde! Young, beautiful Wilde lived in a room with beautiful furniture that coincided with the world of the aesthetes. Ethics as a relic of the past rejected, abandoning morality for the sake of his freedom

After studying at Oxford, Oscar went to London to conquer the capital. Always well-dressed with a boutonniere in his lapel Oscar at the peak of its popularity. He is the trendsetter, the conqueror of female hearts, a welcome guest of the secular salons. Here it long-awaited happiness recognized aesthete!

Oscar, as we have seen, was an aesthete to the core and advocated the revival of beauty in everyday life. He reflected in his poems, which were sold in huge numbers. Fame grew with each passing day. Soon he was invited to America to do a speaking tour about the English Renaissance.

The halls were crowded with people, everyone wanted to see the “English rose” As the time passing by customs inspection, Oskar flashed a sparkling humor: “I have nothing to declare except my genius”. Journalists vying interviewed.

He later recalled: “I America is civilized, there is only heaven and Even Dickens was not such a vast audience, with me as the crown Prince”. In General, a complete sensation! After this, he visited Paris, where he met with prominent figures of the time of V. Hugo, P. Verlaine, Zola. Brothers in Peru have accepted him on equal terms.

During these years, he writes a lot of novels short stories and poems, which offers a vision of the world, which can be read between the lines β€” a true artist should stand above good and evil, for the sake of art, he may even become a criminal. 29 years old Wilde married for love to the beautiful Constance Lloyd. and became the father of two children, charming boys Cyril and Vivian.

However, a family he rarely saw due to the tight schedule of visits, lectures and social events. A few years Constance stout and could not do more to please the eye of the aesthete Oscar. The marriage was doomed. On this part of the bright, successful, full success the life of writer Oscar Wilde you can put a fat point.

The fall from the pedestal

Increasingly, Oscar was noticed in the company of Alfred Douglas. He was good looking, but careless and wasteful young man. Money loved to spend his and other people’s. Oscar made a great fortune from publishing their works and lectures. Could contain any, but requests his friend was too great and this led to a slow but inexorable financial collapse.

Regular sprees and clarify the relationship affected the work of the writer. During this period he did not write any more lines! Realizing how fallen, Oscar tried to break up with him, but it did not work. Douglas followed him like a shadow. In his autobiographical “Confessions” he wrote, “this young man brought him to a complete moral decline when the personal will has become subservient to the will of another”.

This scandalous affair has not gone unnoticed by society, condemned for “sodomy” of two years of hard labor. Upon his release, Oscar wrote the autobiographical novel “the Ballad prison.”

He turned away from nearly everyone he knew, changed his name wife left with the children. Died in poverty and obscurity from meningitis on 30 November 1900 in France. So ignominiously ended their journey is a talented writer Oscar Wilde.

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One of the most controversial works of literature

As soon as I published the book Wilde’s “the picture of Dorian gray” critics attacked him, accusing him of immorality and amorality. What Oscar with equanimity and inherent humor replied: “You did not speak about, the worst that can be only one β€” when not talking about You”.

This was all of it, flaunt superiority over the “rabble.” His work proved prophetic. The story of the extraordinarily handsome young man. On the way which met Lord Henry and artist Basil. The artist and Lord diametrically opposed points of view on life.

The Lord is looking for the beauty in life β€” a beautiful home, paintings, clothing and the like. Artist β€”in internal beauty. The two of them are impressed by Dorian gray. They want him to give his vision life. Seeking its location, the Lord drew his or her ideas to know the beauty, leading a Bohemian lifestyle. The artist also offers his ideas to understand life, but he rejected them, becoming a disciple of the Lord.

Basil paints a portrait of Dorian, and invested his heart and soul, even of itself. Because of this fantastic portrait could influence others and win their hearts. The image in the portrait created by the artist Bezila was just as handsome as its original. Looking at him, Dorian gray once expressed his regret about the passing of youth.

He wished never to grow old, but instead, it has to be portrait. For this, he wished even to die. His words in an unusual way materialized. The portrait took on the burden of time passing and moral responsibility for the thirst for entertainment. The first victim of an ardent young man was the actress who fell in love with him without memory. On the stage, she could no longer portray strong feelings.

Dorian wanted to get away from everything. Not getting the fun of playing on stage beauty, he pushed her away. Unable to withstand such a blow, the actress committed suicide. A first offense is reflected in the portrait, distorting his features. Dorian, seeing this, hid it away, not to conscience. Gray began a new life, surround yourself with precious things, perfumes, paintings, in General, never in what does not deny.

Soon he and this life are tired, he longed for new sensations. Soon he became a frequenter of brothels and pulled him a bad reputation. The first one who wanted to open his eyes and senses were the artist Basil. Did it help and what happened to Dorian gray and his portrait read the book of Oscar Wilde’s “Dorian gray” in full for free. Oscar Wilde one of the most contradictory and enigmatic figures in world literature.

Destiny, putting him high on a pedestal, dropped to the bottom. What did the writer sitting in jail? If he was sorry about what happened? Whether he changed his views? We’ll never know. It is clear that you cannot just throw talent, relying on the fact that everyone is always going to get away with. Surely, Oscar Wilde, an aesthete to the bone pretty not comfortable to feel ugly, gray “ugly” prison, in which he put himself.

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