One shocking story about the one perfumer

This story became a bestseller immediately as a novel by Patrick Suskind “Perfume. The story of a murderer”. It happened in 1985.

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Brief contents of the book “Perfume”

The writer deftly laid the intrigue in the early narrative. He said that talk about a brilliant but monstrous killer who left no traces. The story about the best perfumer of all times, who used his talents in a most unnatural way. “Volatile realm of scent” is a major theme that permeates this work.

Our “hero” Jean-Baptiste Grenouille was born in the “smelly” area of Paris near the fish shop. From the very first days of life, he had bad luck. The mother wanted to kill her child, but this did not happen because of the vigilance of citizens. The boy was rescued, the mother was hanged.

Further biography little, too, leaves much to be desired. At the monastery’s orphanage gave him to the nurse, stating that it does not smell like the rest of the children and, in General, this child scares her.

There was nothing left to do but to send him away to a shelter to Madame Gaillard, which he grew to eight years. Grown Jean-Baptiste finds himself in an ability to eliminate all odors that existed in the world. His children dislike and laugh at him.

Humiliated, hated, persecuted all Grenouille could not Harbor a grudge on the whole world. In the end, fate brought him with the master making perfume. Jean Baptiste was eager to learn how to keep the incense.

Only interested in it, not the usual fragrances. Batista attracted to young girls, exuding the scent of joie de vivre and beauty which he so wanted. Killing them, the perfumer has created drop-by-drop tool that would convert all people into slaves blindly obeying him.

Only he is bitterly mistaken is the perfect perfume could not give, the only thing that cannot be forced to do — to love. He was lonely and misunderstood by other people as before.

Disappointed, Jean-Baptiste gives himself at the mercy of the crowd. People in ecstasy consumed his living flesh. Grenouille died were born — near the cemetery of the Innocent. Left behind the bitterness of regret. It could be otherwise! If you are interested in short content Suskind “Perfumer”, read the entire book.

What questions arise after reading?

This work makes one reflect deeply on the personal tragedy of the outstanding personality. In my head constantly questions arise:

Where the fine line between genius and madness?

What would have happened had he been born in a different society?

There many means external beauty?

If you want to learn something new about the “flying Kingdom of smells” and to plunge into the life of the middle ages, the book is for you.

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