Modern Technology Making Life Simpler

Modern technology has become a critical component of human progress from communication to entertainment and healthcare. Some people argue that modern communication distracts people from their activities and makes them busier, I am of the contrary opinion. Modern technology makes life more convenient and improves the quality of human interactions.

The current technology makes work easier, thereby improving convenience. Many people own cars, mobile phones, computers, electric cookers among many that make work easier through the simplification of daily chores (Bhattacharyya, 2006). For instance, communication through mobile phones bridges interaction between people who are thousands of miles apart unlike before where they relied only on the exchange of letters.

Modern technology has also enabled better healthcare and the survival of millions of people. In the past, there was no modern medical equipment, and people relied on crude and primitive methods of surgery and treatment (Bhattacharyya, 2006). Many people died during simple operations. However, modern technology such as laser technology enables certain lifesaving operations on critical organs.

The present days’ technology improves the speed and convenience of learning. For instance, the internet is now the largest source of information on all subjects and issues. The fact that many devices can now access the internet, millions of people can access information in a speedy, cheap and convenient manner (Gifford, 2013).

Some people argue that life was better when technology was simpler. However, they were wrong because evidently advanced technology has continued to ease things. For instance, the aspects of mobile banking eliminate need for people to visit banks for many banking services unlike when banks benefited from new technology

Modern technology is certainly more convenient in matters of speed, ease of accessing information, ability to communicate to masses among other issues compared to simpler technology.

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