“Memoirs of a geisha” — really outstanding female novel!

A fictional story about working in the land of the Rising sun the woman who earns a living as a geisha. The action takes place during the Second world war. The reader learns a lot about the culture of geisha, get acquainted with Japanese traditions and customs.

Who wrote

The book was written by American writer Arthur Golden. He was born in 1956 into a wealthy influential family, owners of the newspaper “new York times”. Graduated from Harvard University, where he received a master’s degree. Perfectly studied Japanese history and art. He studied at the Chinese University, this learned one of the dialects of the Chinese language.

The novel was published in 1997. Immediately became a worldwide hit on translation more than 30 languages. In order to truthfully tell about the life of geisha that Golden met with many of them, recording life stories. The book was composed over six years. Several times rewrote, changing the narrative style and the names of the main characters.

Brief contents

The story of a simple village girl from a poor Japanese family. In childhood, the heroine of the story, Sayuri gave as a maid in a geisha house. Growing up, it becomes a dazzling beauty who knows all the subtleties and secrets of this profession.

Sayuri to become a geisha learned to sing, dance, beautifully and correctly to speak, to play many musical instruments. Having mastered this skill to perfection, she was the first among the geisha, in front of her could not stand any man.

Sayuri loved one and this love has carried through his entire life. The novel tells about competition and women’s intrigue among geisha, betrayal and consuming love. Read the entire book by Arthur Golden “memoirs of a geisha” on our website.

Who would be interested to read?

Reading the book, more familiar with Japanese culture and history. Many would be interested in learning about this craft as a geisha from the mouth of the most representative of the profession. The book “memoirs of a geisha” written by a man, but it subtly shows female psychology and the inner world of mysterious Japanese women.


“Better to lose arms and legs than a family and a home”;

“I’m reminded of a dancer, from childhood rehearsing dance for performance, that will never happen”;

“When I was locked inside, I wanted to go outside. Now life has changed so much and being outside, I wanted to get inside”;

“If for a long time watching the man, then you will not be a secret, how he will behave in a given situation”.

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