“The Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann is a jewel of world literature

Many critics believe the work “the Magic mountain” the peak of creativity of the famous Nobel laureate in literature Thomas Mann. An intelligent novel with a unique composition and discussion of crucial topics such as love, death, time, space, spirit, matter.

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In what genre the book is written?

The novel of Thomas Mann “the Magic mountain” is a Mature and original work. It is an important stage not only in his work but also in the development of German literature. The popularity of the book has gained not only a non-hackneyed story but also because of the diversity of the genre. Here: a classic German novel of education, psychological, satirical, historical, but based on a philosophical-intellectual genre.

The plot

The events take place in the early twentieth century to the eve of the First world war. The plot revolves in the sanatorium, located high in the mountains in Switzerland near Davos. The main character — a 22-year-old Hans Castorp a graduate of the University preparing to become an engineer. He comes to the hospital to visit a cousin.

Hans had hoped to stay a few weeks, but he was sick with tuberculosis and remained there for seven years. Patients from all over the world live in a unique atmosphere: they fall in love, argue, dream, while free from responsibility and generally accepted standards.

This is due to the fact that the disease affects the psychology and character of the people and life on the verge of death push these people to live to the fullest. In the sanatorium there is low morale, on the contrary, abundant Lunches, jokes, flirting, even a seance interspersed philosophical reflections on peace, war, religion, “high matter” and much more.

Recovered patients do not want to go back to home, but do everything possible to stay. Hans Castorp in the sanatorium acquainted with interesting individuals. Such as Lodovico Settembrini — Freemason and humanist, as well as naphtha — the Jesuit condemning progress. Nafta and Lodovico are opponents. Their heated debates, force Hans to take one and then the other side.

Met here a young man and his love Claudia Shosha patient from Russia. Passion in the hospital makes you forget about work and life outside the walls at all. Hans and other patients considering the local reality as the only form of existence. Time in the hospital is blurred and has a completely different meaning.

Thunder world war I forced to Wake up from “hibernation” many of the people living here. A summary of the book by Thomas Mann “the Magic mountain” will not give you the opportunity to enjoy original philosophical work. To read the novel it better on our website.

Why you should read the book by Thomas Mann “the Magic mountain”?

To read the work is necessary for those who like not just to escape from everyday problems, but also to reflect on their origins. In one place the author has collected a bright personality, so intelligent readers will be interested in observing not only their lives but also participate in discussions on various topics.

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