Love and infatuation. What’s the difference?

It is easy for us to talk about different everyday issues and give advice to others but when they meet on the way, we think, the perfect partner, I can’t think of anything else to talk sensibly. How not to be mistaken with the choice of a marriage companion and learn is a simple affection, love or indeed love for life? Will try to figure this out.

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Sympathy is the first thing that occurs when communication is what we see. Outwardly beautiful, attractive, with good manners man can be empty inside and not a serious attitude to marriage with the obligations arising from it.

There is no rush and closer because the wrapper does not always correspond to the content. For example, we work together with this person, and then there was a special feeling. You like the way he or she smiles, talking to you, the way you dress, jokes, in General, the company pleasant to be in.

We want the relationship was closer than friendship. Be reasonable and don’t lose your head. Think if he can become a reliable support in life, a wise life partner, who will have to live side by side and share not only the joys but also the sorrows?

If we were able to see the real essence of the person, without entering into the second phase of the relationship, rejoice and not worry. You do not become less valuable and do not consider that unworthy of love — it’s just not your man.


After we looked closer and briefly talked, we still like this man, but sympathy grows stronger — then everything becomes much more serious, we feel that we have finally found what I been looking for. Love is what we feel.

The feeling of love is very similar to love and here we must apply a special approach is a wisdom. We feel that with him calmly and imagination draws us a bright future. Romance a blind eye to the faults and exaggerate the virtues.

To verify that it was only a coincidence of time. Love is short-lived and passes quickly. A month later, we also love, but in the other. Castle built on sand, beautiful, romantic, but is quickly destroyed.

These feelings over time, not grow cold, and become stronger. We know the advantages, but also accept the shortcomings of this person. In the event of various situations, we understand what exactly we like it. Love is what we know.

Visual appeal for love is not as important, but only quality. It may even happen that in the past we have not even felt any sympathy, but when you know better, you realize not only the heart but also the mind that this person will be a reliable and caring life partner.

Love overcomes all obstacles and as iron that passed through fire and water hardens, becomes stronger. To develop true love takes time and dedication.

Why is real love rare?

Today on the Internet a lot of sites where you can meet. “Professional matchmakers”, astrologers, psychologists and others assure that you will discover some of the mysteries and boldly promise that with this person you will be successful and all will be in openwork.

Some go further and say that it is even possible to fall in love with someone, the other “experts” I hasten to assure you that, following their recommendations, you can “find” the satellite life for a month, and if you may seem a lot, it is possible to conquer the heart, for example, “in just 90 minutes.”

Such “recipes of happiness” is expensive. Unfulfilled expectations turn into spiritual experiences. Also, we are all, without exception, influenced by the media. Advertising, news, TV, music, the media imposed stereotypes of behavior, which are hard to break.

Often we look at life through rose-colored glasses, so quickly disappointed in the people around us and in ourselves. As can be seen, that the purpose of all kinds of television shows like “the Bachelor” or “let’s get married” — not learning what traits of the future partner to pay attention, and entertainment.

The difference of love in fairy tales and in life

Often in fairy tales, a handsome Prince on a white horse meets a beautiful woman and they fall in love at first sight, then a couple breaks up because of any obstacles, then back together. At the end of all adversity, the lovers lived happily ever after, but further developed their life is not interesting.

The authors argue that love captures all of a sudden, without any effort on our part, even if we barely know each other. Of course, sympathy and love are important, but love should be protected and constantly cares for her, as a tender plant, which we with care constantly watered, remove weeds, and cure diseases.

Similarly, in the family, we have to care more about the interests of our neighbors and to give love to dry out. Keep talking about your strong feelings husbands and wives, pay more attention to them. Arrange a romantic evening. Then in life, like in a fairy tale will be able to live happily ever after.

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What problems can arise in marriage?

From fairy tale characters as opposed to real no flaws. In the life of the disagreements about different views on solving problems inevitable, and reveals the traits that we had not noticed before. Conflicts can occur because of family, work, money, and much more. It should be remembered that divorce will not solve the problems.

In the future, faced with the same, but without changing them first and foremost, we are doomed to failure. It is worth remembering that marriage is an inviolable pillar. Just knowing that marriage is forever, we will protect him and treat him tenderly, seriously.

Young before marriage must know that family life is a constant struggle with difficulties and must be trained not to be selfish, but first takes care of the companion and in ways to give each other. Only in this case, the marriage will be durable.

So, do not rush to grab the first comer, as if your train leaves, and come to the choice of a marriage companion from all liability. The time before the wedding is a great opportunity to learn about each other more and enjoy romantic encounters.

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