“Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach

Richard Bach ― a famous American writer, a descendant of Johann Sebastian Bach, the author of a philosophical parable “Seagull Jonathan Livingston”. The story was printed in 1970. Two years after the publication of the number of copies sold reached one million. The writer himself has repeatedly stressed that the parable was written in memory of the amazing pilot Jonathan Livingston.

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Young Seagull suffering from meaninglessness the existence of other seagulls that day’s care only about housing and nutrition. Jonathan wants to fly and improve their skills, he doesn’t care about temporal needs. All day he soars in the sky, practicing their skills.

One day he decides to abandon the ordinary. He was expelled from the pack, and Jonathan goes to “single mission”. He likes this life, the perfect life of a hermit allows you to enjoy the freedom of catching the wind and soaring in the sky. Soon Livingston falls into a different world, a different reality. What awaits him next? What truths did he reveal? To find out read the book “the Seagull named Jonathan Livingston Seagull” online for free.

The story of Bach’s “Seagull Jonathan Livingston” multi-layered, each opens to it something of their own, everyone sees only what he wants to see. The simple storylines, the writer hides such philosophical tendencies of our time such as:

  • practical knowledge of spiritual perfection;
  • the concept of reincarnation and the elements of Buddhism;
  • the philosophy of Nietzsche’s Superman;
  • positive thinking inherent in the American people.

The main issues of the work ― the search for meaning in life. This is most clearly seen in the contradictions of the Pack and Outcast. Flock believes that life is devoid of meaning. Jonathan also believes that each of us is free to discover something new every day.

Bach also addresses such issues as the relationship between parents and children, the pursuit of high and everyday worries, ignorance and a thirst for knowledge, a philosophical interpretation of good and love.

Why you should read the parable of “the Seagull named Jonathan Livingston Seagull”?

The story is small in size, easy to read and understand. You just have to be especially careful and read between the lines. Do not think that the life we have been given only a miserable existence. You need to always look ahead. To improve a step above perfection, if you have a goal, then the limit does not exist.

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