John Galsworthy “The Forsyte Saga”

The book “the Forsyte Saga” is one of the major works of English novelist and playwright, Nobel prize for literature John Galsworthy. In his novel, the writer tried to convey the mastery of the narrative art. In the story lies the story, where the intertwined love and betrayal, passion and despair, hatred and happiness. The story of three generations of one family for over half a century never ceases to amaze readers.

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About the book

Its main product Golsuorsi wrote about 30 years. The novel focuses on the period from 1860 to 1920. The writer is very serious about his work, was able to accurately convey the full spectrum of emotions, display of human nature. The book leaves many questions unanswered, provides an opportunity for reflection.

The cycle of works includes the following parts:

  • The “owner”;
  • “The last summer of the Forsyte”;
  • “In the loop”;
  • “The awakening”;
  • “Give up hiring”.

The author tells about the heyday of Britain, about the reign of Queen Victoria. Also, more attention is paid to the problems of worldview and aspirations of a man at the level of humanity, and at the level of the individual. Read the book “the Forsyte Saga” online on our website.


The plot of “the Forsyte Saga” refers to an accurate depiction of the life of the English bourgeoisie of the era. Golsuorsi was very interested in exploring issues of social contradictions, which were very relevant and gathered around him an audience. One of the main themes raised by the writer was the injustice of the social system. Galsworthy also fondly described the heavy everyday hard-working people and expressed dissatisfaction against the division of people into classes.

If we consider the work of the writer in more detail, it is not difficult to notice some similarities perspectives of his works. Among the main issues that were raised by the author, highlight the themes and property. Trying to portray the world of the owners, he wanted to tell people about the psychology of these people, about their views on life, on manners, which limited class morality, on the behavior and actions locked inside due regard for the proper rules of conduct.

The main theme of the cycle of novels the Forsyte loss of strength and power of the English bourgeoisie, the destruction of the accepted principles and procedures.

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