Influence of Mass Media on Shaping Peoples’ Ideas

The mass media are famous for educating and giving people information. However, depending on their information has to a great extent influenced our lives. It cannot be disputed that most people behave and react according to the information they fetch on the TVs as well as the contents they read from newspapers, journals and magazines. For instance, the political world is mainly controlled by the media. Most people cast their votes based on opinions from the media. If the media support one particular candidate most people will vote for the candidate believing he is the best. In most elections, he results are mainly a confirmation on what the media covers this shows that people have no opinions of their own their opinions are therefore shaped by the media. (Gauntlett, 2008). It is in this respect that I highly agree that the media contributes a lot in shaping people’s ideas.

The media also influence people’s culture and way of lifestyle. The films, music and programs covered by the media have impacted our lifestyles and culture in a great way. It is evident that most of the young people behave, dress as well as imitate the celebs that are widely covered in the media. (Dill, 2009). They are therefore socialized to believe what they see in the media.

Lastly the media has greatly influenced young children on matters related to sex. It is shocking on the trend that young children are indulging in sexual affairs. Sex and romance among small children are triggered by romance programs that are aired live on TVs nowadays children can access pornographic films and magazines easily. (McMahon, 2008). In today’s world, it is now a status symbol for young children being in a relationship.

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