Five “one breath” books

Almost everyone came across books that have riveted the attention, and forget about everything. It is impossible to calm down until you finish reading the piece to the end. In our review of an interesting collection of books that you will like.

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“35 kilos of hope”

The book tells about a teenager whose parents are a busy showdown. They pay attention to it only when the child does not meet their expectations. He hates school. When I think about it starts to hurt the stomach.

Even if you’re not a teenager and you have no children, then the book will still not disappoint. The story will give an opportunity to forget about their problems and plunge into the world of literary characters. The plot so keeps that away from the reader you are unlikely.

Daniel Keyes “Flowers for Algernon”

The story is on behalf of the mentally retarded Charlie Gordon, who little more than 30 years. He is very kind and sweet. Charlie went to a school for children with disabilities, but there is not much succeeded. The young man wants to become truly smart as his friends from the bakery, where he works as a janitor.

One day he the opportunity has been provided. Gordon was invited to take part in the experiment to increase IQ, which of course he agreed to participate. By the way, before this experience with the mouse Algernon showed brilliant results. Charlie obliged all experiences and thoughts to write down.

Thoughts on paper become literate, it is clearly visible that intelligence is growing exponentially. Soon he realized that his friends, whom he considered friends were just screwing with him. Charlie remembered how his own mother was ashamed of the son of the fool, and my sister all the time hurt. Good imbecile he turned into an evil genius. Read the rest of the book Daniel Keyes “Flowers for Algernon”.

Neal Shusterman “The Fugitives”

Dystopian novel. The future world is terrible. Normal abortion is prohibited, but retrospective (analysis of children for organs) are thriving. The main characters were under utility owned: Connor brought too much trouble to parents, Rice lived in a boarding school and its contents simply no funds, a lion born into a religious family and he always knew that his will would sacrifice a title, so he had already escaped.

All the characters are bright, strong individuals who are not willing to go voluntarily, “the authorities”. Run, run, run is all they have left. The book is full of action, fast read.

Katherine Stockett The Help

The action takes place in southern America in the 60’s of the last century. Then people with black skin were treated as second class. The only place to work was for them a building plot or a maid. It tells several stories of black women.

Trust them to run a household, raise children, cook the food, but the servants did not, in fact, have any rights. By the way, among African Americans, there were many people with a broad mind and a sharp mind. The atmosphere of the book is fascinating and it does not want to close until you have read to the end.

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