Enforcing Strict Building Codes

Building code, also known as building regulations refer to a set of guidelines specifying the minimum standards for both building and non-building structures. Building codes are meant to safeguard public health, ensure safety and the general welfare of individuals as they associate with the construction and occupancy of these structures.  People staying in a building should feel comfortable, safe, and free from any threat or risk consequent from any construction failures. However, the major question remains, who should be responsible for enforcing strict building codes? (American Planning and Civic Association, 2010)

Authorities in different parts of the world hold varying opinions regarding this issue. Some countries place this responsibility on the government authorities; others upon their citizens and others share the responsibility equally-with the government authorities and the citizens. The relative placement of liability to both the government and the people is the most suitable option majorly because the safety of any structural construction is in everybody’s interest and concern.

More imperatively, the government should take the greatest responsibility since this is among its core duties; to safeguard its citizens and ensure their well-being at all cost. A government has great power. Therefore, law enforcement officials are there to ensure that the government’s rules and regulations are obeyed.  (Urban Land Institute, 2008)

People who construct homes should also ensure to enforce these codes strictly since in any case something happens due to unconformity, they suffer the direct consequences such as loss of property and life. Also, they bear the moral responsibility to support the government by ensuring proper cooperation towards conforming to the regulations. Inadequate participation would diminish the government’s efforts leading to undesirable results.

To conclude, both the citizens and the government should assume equal partnership and stand side by side to ensure strict enforcement of the building codes. The government has the sole duty to safeguard its citizens, whereas, the citizens have the principal and moral obligation to support their government.

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