Dan Brown “Inferno”

The writer Dan brown is just a fantastically famous all over the world. Still, his mystical novels associated with ancient artifacts and secret cults and world religions can deprive readers speechless. If you include puzzles, shooting, love Affairs and scandalous intrigue, it turns out a truly explosive mix.

One of the most famous novels of brown, “Inferno”. In 2013, that is, since the release in the world, it became a bestseller in many European countries and not only.

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What is this book?

For those who like to read detective fiction, this book will satisfy. As for “Inferno”, the summary will allow you to be interested in it, but will not reveal all mysteries, as the author masterfully weaves multiple storylines and possess proprietary skills to save the most interesting for isolation.

The new adventures of an old friend, Professor Langdon, please those who have read other books by the author. The Professor wakes up in the hospital but remembers little about the incident. It seems to be – here he was at Harvard, and now in Florence. To all, it appears that the wound to the head – bullet.

Someone wants honored scientist of death. And, as it soon turns out that someone – a woman named Venta. It’s not just a killer, she acts on behalf US government. The whole fuss began because of a mysterious cylinder that is found in Langdon’s jacket. He and a local woman the doctor will reveal his secret in order to survive.

Mystery cylinder is not simple because it projects the characters of the famous map of hell by Sandro Botticelli. What does it mean? It would be much easier to know if the scientist and the physician did not pursue the armed men in black. After all, who watched movies about the American government know – in itself, it is not an easy task. Dan brown masterfully blended mystery, science, and a war in one bottle, so the title of the novel suits its content.

Interesting in the novel

Difficult to separate the individual details that attract readers ‘ attention, because the puzzles posed by “Inferno” novel, you can find almost on every page. However, here are some interesting facts from the Creator:

  • Adaptation of the novel involves Tom Hanks, earlier this year released a trailer.
  • The book refers to modern technologies and brands, such as Wikipedia, Dell etc.
  • The novel is replete with references to the works of art that are hard to find, and that does not exist.

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