Damage to the Environment is an Inevitable Consequence of Worldwide Improvement in the Standard Of Living

Improvement in standards of living is synonymous with increased rate of scientific and technological development. Unfortunately, with such developments, there has come a wide array of problems, which pose as great challenge to humankind. These include environmental degradation, pollution, and overpopulation, just to mention but a few. As Renkov (n.d.) notes, people may take protective stance on the damage the environment has undergone as the need for economic development. On the contrary, such an argument only comes about when one is ignorant of environmental protection measures.

People have embraced comfort coming from technological advancement at the expense of the impacts they have on the environment (Deutz, n.d.). For instance, well above fifty percent of people in the United States own cars, and the number is continually increasing (Wolff, n.d.). Well, the cars lead to improvement in lives; however, the damage they cause to the environment in terms of noise and air pollution is far reaching than the advantages that come with them. On the same note, most activities involving energy entail the use of oil, which is the major contributor to greenhouse gases. In this light, the fresh air that people breathe is at stake because of enhanced transport.

In their pursuit for survival, or economic gain, human beings subject the environment to too much strain, which eventuates its deterioration. One major element of environment affected the most by this is the natural forests (Renkov, n.d.). Indiscriminate exploitation of trees leads to an interruption in the ecosystem, as well as the hydrological cycle. In addition, encroachment into the forests for settling areas has also proven too detrimental to the survival of such forests.

Concisely, the improvement that technology has had on human life is undeniable. Nevertheless, this very technology has proven too detrimental to the environment. For this reason, people should respond appropriately to help curb this problem.

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