Connection between Robotization and World Poverty

World poverty, an overarching issue in modern civilization, has to be dealt with at all costs. International organizations give donations to third world countries as a way of boosting their economies and the process of development. However, world poverty has proven to be an imperishable problem that requires a unique approach to reach a solution. Most authors are of the opinion that industrial revolution that saw the introduction of robotization has increased poverty levels. This is because in part, robotization deprives individuals of jobs hence the connection.

Defining Technological Aspects with Poverty Constraints

Considering traditional management skills can be replaced with scientific methods such as programming, people with more wealth are becoming more privileged to wealthier options even as income disparity and the gap between the poor and the rich continually increases (López et al. 2011). Since high unemployment exacerbates poverty, and the increasing lack of low paying jobs seems to be the cause of poverty, experiencing a struggling economy, increased welfare dependency, and a greater class division are inevitable.

According to James (2002), robot labor offers a positive impact in that, humans not only enjoy their work, but it also means that the workers are able to spend more time with their families. In relation to robotization, people do not have to physically visit a grocery store because they can use e-stores. As for marketers, all they need is the proper programming software to come up with reliable digital strategies. In a nutshell, robotization has changed how humans live.

Conclusively, Howard (2013) is of the opinion that as the population continues to rise and new technology enters the market, robotization will be engaged in most production systems though not to completely wipe out the essence of human labor. Nonetheless, robotization is expected to have a global effect, and if at all it is source to world poverty, then the problem will be gravitas.

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