Charles Dickens “A tale of two cities”

The product of “a Tale of two cities” by Charles Dickens is one of the most popular novels in the UK, which became a bestseller for many years before the appearance of the concept. The circulation of English books in the entire history of sales varies around 200 million. “The story…” was published in 1859.

The plot was taken from the dizzying interweaving of passion and entertaining adventures of the era of “big change”, which involved two of the biggest capitals of Europe ― London, and Paris.

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Prison cell or the guillotine was considered in those days, the same routine as the evening conversations in the family circle, and the hatred, betrayal, brutality, love and devotion has been a mainstay in the fictional world of Dickens.

“A tale of two cities” ― analysis

In the Preface to the book says that the idea of writing such an ambitious novel appeared accidentally during a performance of Dickens starring in one theatrical production, where his character was forced to sacrifice everything for the sake of his beloved and her lover. The melodramatic story, the author has diluted the historical facts and events.

Thanks to a well thought-out plot, Dickens was able to depict the entire kaleidoscope of human experience and emotions, to make comparisons between people from different classes. Legal practice made it possible without concealment to show the truth and the drama of the trial. And with the use of antithetical contrasts and Dickens revealed the motives of forgiveness and sacrifice.

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My whole life is only what could be.

To a cat to milk, it is necessary to show her milk. To teach the dog to grab the game, you have to show her the game.

I never seem to. For this you need imagination, and I don’t have it.

Popular works

A historical novel of Dickens has become a textbook not only in England but also in other English-speaking regions. Among literary critics, there is a belief that the book “a Tale…” is a major bestseller in English prose.

To read “a Tale of two cities” is loved all over the world. Inspired by the work of not just movies and staged performances. One of the best works in the film industry is the film adaptation of 1935. In 1980, spectators were able to watch the mini-series, and in 1984 a cartoon.

“A tale of two cities” ― reviews

In the treatise called “What is art?” the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy wrote that the book of Dickens is an example of religious high art, of love and worship to God.

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