The book “The metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka is one of the most enigmatic work in literature

The author in a grotesque form tells in it about the tragedy of a lonely man once found themselves with a fast transformation into an insect.

The book does not even hint why this happened but pays great importance to the behavior of the relatives of the unfortunate, which had depended on but never loved. One thing is certain — in the novel of Franz Kafka’s “the metamorphosis” the author gave food for thought for anyone who turned.

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Book summary of Franz Kafka’s “The metamorphosis”

Gregor Sama lived in a big city and worked as a salesman. He was very responsible and hardworking because it kept the entire family. Once he was up all night having nightmares and in the morning he was horrified to find that turned into a huge insect.

Parents and sister, concerned about the late Gregor to work, begged them to open the door, but he couldn’t move, and even something to answer, but only squeak in response. With great effort, he managed to crawl to the door and open her jaws.

What I saw loved ones are plunged them into shock. Mother fainted, father threateningly waved his fist. Gregor tried to explain that it was only a slight indisposition and will soon pass, but instead was making incomprehensible sounds. The insect was quickly pushed back into the room and closed the door behind him.

Then Gregor began drab. In his mind, he was still the same loving son and brother and he was very ashamed that his transformation was embarrassing the whole family. Samsa with a heavy heart, heard the family talking about finding jobs, but nothing they could not help.

Parents in his room were not included, disgusted, and the only sister. She silently set the plate of food and left. Gregor knew that his appearance would frighten her and hide away from her eyes under the bed. Once his loneliness had been violated.

Home wanted to clear the room from furniture and dragging out all that someone needed. Gregor knew that loses his last drop of humanity because some items of furniture and Souvenirs brought back to him fond memories.

When I tried to remove them a favorite portrait from the wall, Gregor tried to protest, but her father began to pelt him with rotten apples, one of which stuck in the back. From then on he began to feel worse. Besides family ceased to go to his room and clean.

Dying, Gregor thought of the family with love. In the morning came the maid that dare dry it remains on the scoop and was glad to hear Gregor’s parents and sister about his death all breathed a sigh of relief. A brief summary Kafka’s “the metamorphosis” is no substitute for the beauty of the full content.

What problems raised in the work?

Gregor workaholic, pulling an entire family, but nobody appreciates him for it because he’s unloved son. Even turned into an insect, he worries about their relatives they reject him even more.

Indifference and impudence with which were treated similarly to innocent Gregor are appalling. He didn’t see a single gram of support and words of comfort in distress. Beloved sister brought my brother food on the old memory, but in his heart was the same stale.

Killed Gregor is not a rotten Apple, thrown in the back, and the rotten actions of relatives.

This work has been screened numerous times at his vision. In order to feel and understand this work, it is necessary to read personally.

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