Autumn books

After reading these works, you will get rid of autumn melancholy and sadness, because you realize that your life is not so bad.

Fannie Flagg “Fried green tomatoes in cafe “Substation”

Atmospheric and a good story about residents of a small town. The story is told from a variety of sources and entangled in time. The novel is easy to read, so readers will easily be able to restore the chronological order and capture the essence of what is happening.

A Charming and heartfelt novel that brings to life the rustle of leaves outside the window, thanks to the author’s techniques Fanny Flag. Throughout reading this book, readers will not leave feelings of warmth and comfort that exudes this work.

Francoise Sagan “Do you Like Brahms?”

Classic French novel about love one of the most popular writers of our time Francoise Sagan. The plot, at first sight, is easy to predict, but are attracted to unexpected twists and a remarkable disclosure of the characters.

A love story about two very different in character and mentality of the people. He is a young passionate youth, eager for entertainment and comfortable living. She is a successful middle-aged woman, tired of the endless betrayals of the young lover. Under the sad autumn melodies, Brahms almost feel like this pair is dancing a sad dance.

Ray Bradbury “Summer farewell”

After 50 years since the publication of the famous novel “dandelion Wine” came its sequel, “Summer farewell”. The wine is harvested and is in the basement waiting for winter. And in this novel, Douglas Spaulding and his friends will begin a “war” with the elderly, proving the superiority of the younger generation over the older. This is a fight in which there will be winners and losers.

The only person who has experienced and learned in life so many things could describe is a simple but very challenging truth. The master of the classic ray Bradbury with sadness and longing about the past summer and hope for the best in the novel “Summer, goodbye.”

Haruki Murakami “South of the border, West of the sun”

A novel about love from the mouths of men? It’s worth the read! Moreover, Murakami is the most known to us from Japanese writers. His work is unusual for Europeans, what attracts fans to read something new and strange.

They met in 25 years in the jazz bar, whose owner he was. It seemed that love was gone forever, but she broke out with new force. Autumn jazz melodies will warm the hearts of readers, who sympathize with the lovers.

Marquez Gabriel Garcia “Dry leaves”

The book is recommended for those who love large in scope and content of the work. The variety of characters in the novel are not afraid, but rather allows us to consider this complicated story from different angles.

With the insight and depth of feeling, Marquez tells us about people who want to escape from the old life in hopes of starting a new one. The output is not in this because nothing ever disappears. People remain in thrall to their prejudices, infecting the souls of others by the noxious smell of rotting foliage.

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