A good fantasy for children

This work is famous for a complete lack of sentimentality, filled with black humor. Who is the author? Whether “Big friendly giant” to read to children? Let’s try to understand this together.

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Who wrote it?

The author of the book “Big friendly giant” Roald Dahl. The Englishman with Norwegian roots. Born September 13, 1913, in the city of Cardiff, died 23 November 1990. Childhood Roald was fond of reading. He especially liked adventure. Known, thanks to books for children written in the fantasy genre. Such as:

  • “Absolutely unexpected stories”;
  • “Charlie and the chocolate factory”;
  • “Wonderful auto grammaticaster”;
  • “Matilda”;
  • “Magic finger”.

Roald loved children and actually showed it. He created the charitable Foundation that still exists today. This project has helped thousands of children with various diseases. 10% of the royalties from the sales of books that were published and issued to replenish the Fund.

In addition, these funds are used to Finance medical research, to enable children to get the modern treatment. The tale of a Good giant Roald Dahl devoted daughter Olivia died from measles encephalitis. The book was first published in 1982

Reader feedback

Some readers recommend reading this book to young readers, while others believe that one should not read too much of impressionable children. To decide is to read the tale of Roald Dahl’s “Big friendly giant” or not it is better to read and appreciate yourself first, then adult.

Quotes from the book

  • “Yesterday we didn’t believe the giants! Today don’t believe in Sheshory! Only due to the fact that something we have not seen his, we believe that it does not exist”;
  • “Music leads a conversation with them! She them about something that was reported! I don’t think he always understand what they are trying to tell, but they still like”;
  • “The world is so big, a lot of countries, and the giants are very smart. They try not to run all the time in the same country. In General, as you can”;
  • “I told you five or six times. And the third time will be the last”;
  • “Oh, what gummy thoughts just tripped over my head!”.

What fairy tale?

A little girl from an orphanage Sophie heard from other kids that night not to look in the window. Why? Orphans believed that through the dark streets of a terrible monster, steal children, and then eat them. Sophie is a brave girl. She just wants to know if this is true and also she has insomnia.

One night Sophie saw a giant. Oh, the horror! It is too! Quickly seizing the girl blew away. However, she was “lucky”. The tall man was a vegetarian who loves cleanliness and comfort. In comparison with other dogs he is small and skinny, barely comes to the shoulders of other colleagues.

Baby Sophie is not afraid of the kidnapper, she was in an orphanage and was so lonely without friends. If you look, even feel sorry for the Big Giant. His “little” growth hurt and bullied. How the girl familiar! Gradually, between them is born friendship.

The big friendly giant shows Sophie the lab, where he creates wonderful dreams. The girl in admiration! Her friend went to the human world to give them beautiful and good dreams!

Soon the joy of being overshadowed. Sophie learns that not all huge monsters so generous. Will message item, Chromoscope, Anyone, Kostogriz, Geek power and other giants are not vegetarians! What was said by the inmates in the shelter of the giants turned out to be true — they eat kids!

Sophie wants to save all and pushes the Big friendly giant to perform good works. Together, they decided to go to the Queen of England and tell her everything.

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