A book that never gets old

Many of us have read this book in childhood but over time the events and actions of people perceived differently. The novel “Hero of our time” by M. Yu Lermontov — a timeless classic that you need to reread several times to understand the true message of the author to the readers.

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Brief biography of Lermontov

The author of the book “a Hero of our time” — M Yu Lermontov. Russian poet, novelist, playwright and artist. Born 3 Oct 1814, died 15 Jul 1841. Upbringing was engaged grandmother, her estate, he spent his childhood. He received his education first at home and then in a University boarding house in Moscow, where he wrote his first poems.

From 1828 to 1830 he studied at Moscow University, where he was fascinated by the works of D, Byron, W. Shakespeare, F. Schiller. After two years she studied at the school for ensigns in Saint Petersburg. Killed in a duel near the Mashuk mountain in Pyatigorsk around after returning from the second reference. The bullet hit right in the chest poet. He was buried in Pyatigorsk. In 1842 he was reburied in the village of Tarkhany in Penza region.

Had that written?

  • “Crazy nights. Russian love poetry of the XIX century”;
  • “Novice”;
  • “A hero of our time”;
  • “Angel of death”;
  • “Prisoner of the Caucasus”;
  • “Masquerade”.

How did the idea to write this piece?

The history of the writing of this famous novel is also interesting as the book itself. In his youth, a budding poet, Mikhail Lermontov planned to write mythic fiction, which would be described by his contemporary nobility. His character was supposed to bear all the contradictions of that time.

Inspiration to follow was the poem “Eugene Onegin” by Alexander Pushkin. Pushkin was still living in the time of Lermontov and was his idol. It is noteworthy that the name of the main character of the novel “Hero of our time” Pechorin is consonant with the name of Onegin as two rivers Onega and Pechora.

And when Pushkin died in a duel, Lermontov was a shock and he writes poems, which immediately became famous — “death of a poet”. Poetry became an occasion to the exile of Mikhail Lermontov to the Caucasus, where he continued working on this piece.

Traveling through the Caucasus and conversing with the highlanders, Lermontov finally decided what will be his character and what kind of activity to do. Ripe image of a young officer, who serves as the homeland in the Caucasus, but at the same time suffers from internal disagreements and disappointments.

Was defined also the circle of people surrounding Pechorin. This is a beautiful Circassian, who sincerely will love Pechorin, a proud but fair, the highlanders, the smugglers, which at the time was a lot, as well as secular society. The author wanted as much as possible to reveal the character of Pechorin in different ways.

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