8 most awesome books

These works are quite different in genre. They share entangled plot, the continued interest of readers and positive reviews from critics. The list of the best books about love, friendship, and strokes of fate.

Robert Galbraith “The Silkworm”

Under the pseudonym, Robert Gilbert hides his real name, Joanne Rowling. After the successful publication of a detective novel “the cuckoo’s Calling”, she released the sequel to the book. It tells about the disappearance of the famous writer Owen Quine. His wife Leonora was accustomed to frequent comings Owen out of the house, but this time it is very difficult.

As it turned out before the disappearance of Quine wrote a book concerning the life of famous people. Soon the writer found put to death in the way described in the book. Rowling skillfully braided an intriguing detective story in the tangle of mysteries and deaths. Do not cook the silkworm, do not get the silk thread. The ending of the book very unpredictable.

John Green’s “Paper towns”

The novel won the Edgar award for best book for Teens. The main character Margo Spiegelman is a girl like I want to be her peers. She is insanely beautiful, from a rich family, popular in school.

In General, the girl wanted to meet all the guys and is the envy of friends. Margo is really different from the others. She is a sociopath, besides from time to time runs away to be free. escaping again, the girl left clues for searches.

Q Jacobsen in love with her since childhood and the burning desire to find the girl. Go with him to his friends. In the novel topical subjects of teenage alcoholism, obsession with sex, relationships with adults. The end of the book an unexpected but natural. That’s life, baby!

Sidney Sheldon “Are you afraid of the dark?”

A thrilling detective story that is read in one breath and will not cause regret about wasted time. In different parts of the world, died suddenly four men, who did not know each other, but they all worked on the same project.

These deaths would have remained unnoticed if the campaign office, where he worked as their husbands accidentally met two women, two spouses of the victims. They conceived the suspicion of the deliberate murder of men. Together they begin to investigate the matter.

The trail leads to a campaign Manager, which is engaged in secret developments that threaten to destroy the economy of entire countries. Books Sheldon, the most translated and popular in the genre of detective. The intrigue lasts until the end of the book and it’s a pleasure to read for easy presentation.

Tartt Donna The Goldfinch

Fans of atmospheric, epic books, no doubt, enjoy this book. It will raise you to the heavens, talking about the sublime aesthetic tastes, and thrown to the ground, breaking away the remaining best views of life. So, the main thirteen in a hero Theo Decker’s face put on an exhibition of paintings.

There is arranged after the terrorist attack he survived, having the lost mother. The mortally wounded man gave Theo a ring and an antique painting by Karel Fabricius “the Goldfinch”. Art, you might say, ruined his life, but it will save you. Donna Tart won this novel for the Pulitzer prize. To read the book for free we offer on our website.

The Jaume Cabre’s “I confess”

The novel meets all the requirements of high literature. It and subtle transitions from one storyline to another, great coverage of that time, a huge number of characters and a description of the details that seem insignificant, but in the end play an important role.

Adria Ardevol the polyglot, musician, a connoisseur of art, sad to realize that soon all knowledge will be erased from Alzheimer’s disease. He writes in the diary of memories, feelings, the story of his family, which originates in the Middle ages in the heyday of the Holy Inquisition. What lies behind these memories? Read about it in the book.

Moyes Jojo “Dancing with horses”

The book is heavy on the twists and turns of fate. Makes the head dive into the world of the characters and empathize with them. Sarah is fourteen years old became an orphan. Her only friend and soul mate become a stallion named Bo. She fights for the right to leave the horse.

The other story line tells about a couple who is on the verge of divorce. Wife Natasha and poppy suddenly become responsible for the fate of Sarah. The theme is not new, but at the same time the book differently opens up ways of solving difficult situations and illuminates relationships with others and animals.

One of those books from which you learn something new. For example, describe the different elements of equestrian sport and understanding of the horse and the rider. This is not surprising because Jojo Moyes have spent many years riding. The response to this book is very positive.

Kogan Tatiana “The Club”

A good Thriller with puzzles, chase and, of course, passionate love. The intensity increases with each page. In the center of the story American guy Mike Nolan. He came to Boston and stayed in the apartment of a friend. In the morning he must go through an important interview for work, but that will never come.

Night broke into the apartment of a hired killer and by far he wasn’t kidding. The following days he will race for survival. At the same time on the other end of the earth, a girl named Lesya voluntarily admitted to a psychiatric clinic to treat the nerves.

Victor proposed to her to marry him. She agreed, although didn’t love her fiancĂ©. A couple on the same day painted and Les returned to the hospital. Only the groom and the father for some reason has stopped responding to calls. After the medical procedures on the body of the Les find strange footprints and don’t remember. She runs the clinic. I wonder how the characters interconnected?

Green John The Fault in our stars

About first and last love. Two teenagers hazel Lancaster and Augustus waters have cancer. Hope for a cure is almost there. Why did this happen? Nobody knows. Obviously, the fault in our stars.

The guys met in a support group and fell in love with each other. A new feeling engulfed them completely. Because of the love, they have found the strength to enjoy life and live fully. Based on the works produced the film, which suggests that the novel has won the hearts of millions of readers.

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