Five the most famous books about psychology

Words have enormous power. Words can kill and you can heal. One good book could be the saving straw, leading from darkness and despair to happiness and success. Today we provide Top of books on psychology, which have inspired many to change their lives.

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Dale Carnegie “How to stop worrying and start living”

This is one of the most popular and respected books on psychology. This world is full of stress and they only multiplied. Dale Carnegie offers their solutions to problems. In this book, he answers such questions as: “How to build relationships with others? How to stop being nervous for nothing? How do I become successful?”.

Attractive is that it is based on the advice of real people: relatives, friends, acquaintances Carnegie. As illustrative examples, he uses different situations in which got these people and tells how to get out of the difficulties of life.

Sergey Kara-Murza “Manipulation of consciousness”

Kara-Murza describes how manipulations of the politicians on the minds of the mass public. “Make your choice!” they say, though actually compel people to certain decisions, manipulating consciousness. In this book, he suggests that we learn to think critically and to see what the consequences of lead exposure methods.

In our era of mass media on the minds of many people who read it, recommend at least to realize where and in what areas you are trying to push and manipulate.

Examples of skilled influence in the middle ages, the French revolution and the 20th century. The book is recommended reading for courses in sociology and mass communications, after all, is on a par with the policy is a pure example of the pressure on people’s minds!


The author has developed a method of conscious control of life. The book contains many examples of how not to succumb to external factors and positive intervention to treat everything.

In fact — this training course for a purpose. Seeland offers with nothing and no one to fight and to take advantage of what life offers. The main thing — not to be a passive observer.

Eric Berne “Games people play”

According to Byrne, all the people play “games” in the family and household scenarios. For example, many to fill the void you fill your life with entertainment and rituals designed just for this purpose.

To make life more spontaneous and free is the real challenge for those who want to play on other people or their scenarios. The main thing — to learn to recognize the patterns of behavior of the most common games.

Osho’s “Intimacy. Trust in yourself and the other”

According to this author, the intimacy can only occur when you realize your uniqueness and believe in themselves. How to learn to believe in yourself? Osho believes that it is not necessary to change for the sake of anyone’s views. Many people think happiness depends on the person you want to locate any cost.

That’s not gonna happen until they realize that true trust and intimacy inside. Learn to open up and find their true personality — not an easy task. Our reader’s easy ways to happiness are not looking!

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