Top five books that are worth reading on winter evenings

Recommended books about the winter create a cozy warm atmosphere, favorable for a winter mood. Bright and sparkling they will warm the soul, will long be remembered an entertaining story. We have collected a list of the most entertaining books.

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“Simply together”

The book captivates the heart with a simplicity of style of the complex relationship between people. Three completely different people because of the circumstances they live under one roof. They are United by loneliness and detachment. Such people in society is called strange.

They become each other’s saving straw, holding that each will come out from your “swamp” and become stronger. The book teaches to enjoy life, to value friendship and love, especially in the cold winter.

Gregory David Roberts “Shantaram”

The book is based on real events only the names are fictitious characters. Gregory Roberts in the past heroin addict. He was in an Australian prison for Bank robbery and received a nineteen years ‘ imprisonment, but escaped to India in Mumbai. There he contacted the local mafia involved in selling drugs.

The mother of a friend called him “Shantaram,” which means “peaceful person”. The main literary hero, like his prototype, have a long way to justify the name and restore the reputation of an honest man. The novel won the hearts of millions of people, I hope like you! Hot events unfolding in the book will melt away the winter gloom.

Agatha Christie “Murder on the Golf course”

Detective story featuring Hercule Poirot and his friend Mr. Hastings. This time, Poirot has to investigate the mysterious murder of a millionaire, whose body was found on the unfinished Golf course. The detective’s mind that two weeks before the murder, the millionaire changed his will in favor of the wife, leaving nothing to his son.

Watch found at the crime scene in a hurry two hours. This is enough for a brilliant detective to compute the name of the offender. Easy, elegant detective story helps to while away a cold winter evening.

Fran├žoise Sagan “Sound the surrender”

A candid book about sensual love. The main character Lucille is accustomed to a comfortable life with her lover Charles, who is much older than her. At first glance, they make a perfect couple, living in a luxurious house and host a lot of friends, but in my heart babe suffers from loneliness.

One day she would meet his contemporary Antoine, who ardently love. Lucille understands that it is necessary to leave Charles to live with her beloved. But bird used to live in a “Golden cage”, does she agree to live with a nice “tent”? How would you have done? This is the time to think, sitting in a chair with a Cup of hot tea on a winter evening.

Neil Gaiman “Spindle”

Finally, the psychedelic tale. Fans of Neil Gaiman know what to write about ordinary things in plain language he will not. Known to all from childhood the tale of sleeping beauty in the mouth of this writer will result in an unexpected plot and unpredictable ending. In General, the Princess will be nothing like what we imagined.

Winter is a time for fairy tales! We hope you liked the list of interesting books to read in winter. All of them are on our website. Enjoy and stay with us, will gather much more useful information!

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