Five interesting books that are worth reading on the weekends

Read books on the weekends like that about anything not to think but to relax and unwind. We picked up publications on various topics that will distract you from the everyday hustle and bustle.

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“The Foreigner”

With humor and originality, Dovlatov tells about the Russian emigrants in America. The main character Mary from a rich influential family, but life in the Union, she was bored and she decided to go abroad. At the new place, new worries: finding a job, buy an apartment and, of course, to achieve personal happiness.

This book has it all — vivid characters, exciting story, wisdom, love. A quick read and reminds you once again that “easy” life happens only in fairy tales, but the happiness only possible if you make the effort.

Frederic Beigbeder “Memories young man”

Many consider this the best novel in the works Beigbeder. A wonderful atmospheric book about love. Few people could so sensitively to convey the thoughts and feelings of the guy who fell in love.

He met many girls, and led a sprightly life of wealthy Parisian, but, having met Her, did not know that this is the one and only. The book accurately conveys the state of love, easy to read. Are a good way to happily pass the evening.

Jean-Christophe Grange “Flight of the storks”

Action-Packed book. On the trail of a maniac who kills victims for organ transplants, removes shadowing the migration of storks. Louis Antioch, scientist-philosopher, at the request of my friend the ornithologist decided to find out why hundreds of ringed storks have not returned home to Europe.

Soon, Louis finds friend dead and mutilated, lying in a nest of birds. The young scientist is on the trail, littered with many corpses of people. The book keeps in suspense until the last page, forcing you to read without stopping.

“The thirteenth tale”

From humble teacher Diana Setterfield no one was expecting good classic “Gothic revival”. The first released her book was a worldwide hit, based on the book directed the film.

The novel tells about the fate of two women, keeping tribal secrets. Dark, sometimes frightening, the book will attract your attention and will not be long to let go. Forced to survive and thrill your heart. Well, read warm on the couch, unraveling the dark mysteries of the past.

Daniel Keyes “Multiple minds Billy Milligan”

The book is based on real events. Billy Milligan is known that in the late 70-ies he was tried for robbery and multiple rapes, but acquitted because the defense was able to prove the split personality of the accused.

Billy argued that it is inhabited by many individuals, including children and women. In fact, the book is biographical. The author interviewed each person and on this basis wrote a novel. A powerful book, which tells about how much impact on the human environment and mental trauma experienced in childhood.

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