5 interesting books about other planets

What you need to know and be able to, if you get on another planet or in a parallel reality? These complex questions can be answered by reading these works.

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Stephen King’s “11/22/63”

This book is considered the best in the work of the king on the right. It is not a horror, rather it can be called historical. The novel tells about the journey through time English teacher Jake Epping.

From his friend al Templeton, shining with health two years ago, and today the dying of an old man, he learned about the temporal portal that is in the back and leads to 1958.

This year killed President John Kennedy. Upping wants to prevent the murder, but will it succeed? What are the consequences of a future, if someone interferes in the past? Read online about pop dance Jake need to answer these questions.

Andrew Cruz “the Door in the Darkness”

A series of novels, tells of the terrible and terrifying world that the locals call a Sump. The main character got into that world quite by accident. In one of the usual days, he went to the store for a generator and not knowing how, found himself in a parallel reality.

There he meets the same himself. Poor guy did not know how to get out of that place. While they equip your life, love, quarrel, make friends. Here we have to deal with the creatures, which gave rise to the Darkness. The protagonist seeks the return of ago, but unexpectedly finds love and finds new friends. Hopeless their dreams to escape home? Read about it fully.

“Wings for the dugout”

Love fantasy that will move you, as the main character on the planet Gorra. Local authorities have decided to conduct an experiment, to cross men with earthly beauties. The purpose of the experiments is to rid the residents from genetic diseases.

Girls kidnapped and now their task is to learn to live on this planet: to acquire the skills of telepathy, learn to fly. And most importantly — to accept the engagement and the groom, who is himself not happy about the dugouts.

Lana Shorts “Selenca”

Nika loves and is loved until the inevitable happened. With the bridegroom, she was in a car accident. Betrothed safe and sound, and she was in serious trouble. Nick will never be able to walk. The bridegroom betrays her by marrying another. Happiness the girl can not see, at least on this planet.

Sister Nicky found a professional caster who agreed to help in exchange for an engagement ring with a diamond. After the ceremony, nick found himself in an unfamiliar place and with unharmed feet. It turned out that this world is populated by elves, dwarves, and she is the daughter of the king.

“Women’s happiness”

The main character Lisa found herself in a not so scary place, but very cute Actress Kingdom, where it occupies the prominent position of Countess. Memories of life on the Earth cause nostalgia, but we must continue to live.

And what for happiness is necessary? Right, next Yes, cute kids. Lisa on the new planet will have that were not on the Ground.

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