5 greatest books about love

I want to turn away and dream? So for this and there are women’s romance novels! Relax and enjoy in the dreams of the perfect relationship between a man and a Woman will help you to a collection of our books.

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Johanna Lindsay “Hatred and love”

Ireland is famous for the enmity between those who live in the mountains and those who live in the valleys. The heir to the clan MacKinnon Jamie, to his misfortune, he saw bathing in the river Sinu Ferguson girl from the enemy camp. Heart of a brave warrior trembled from the intensity of love.

He’s bossy, but China proud and unapproachable and also heard horror stories about Jamie, and afraid of him. The young man will have to prove their love not only in the sight of their favorite girl but in front of my family. The book is full of feelings and experiences, humor and passion. The intriguing book “Hatred and love” worthy to read it.

Judith McNaught’s “Once and for all”

Judith all of his books develops the theme of confrontation between the sexes. The story starts with a family drama. Jason Fielding’s dying son and the wife was betrayed. Victoria and her sister after the death of his parents left without a livelihood.

Distant relatives from England found a way to determine their future life — as soon as possible to permit marriage of girls. Readers will observe the quest of Jason and Victoria together, and how from a humble girl that turns into a brilliant woman with more life experience. Judith perfectly conveys the emotions of the characters and the book I want to read and read.

Eric Segal “Love Story”

Oliver Barrett and Jennifer Cavilleri attend the same College but belong to different social groups. A guy from a rich family of aristocrats, the girl from a simple family. Despite this, they understand and feel with each other.

The couple has a lot of intelligence and strength to fight for his love, but who were faced with such a situation understands how difficult it is to do. Over time, life is getting better, but the trouble came from the other side, where nobody expected. The life story of courage and selflessness will appeal to fans of romance.

Theodore Dreiser “Sister Carrie”

A fascinating story of Caroline Meeber. She came to her sister from a small town in Chicago. The big city met her unkind. Working in a factory for pennies and she was welcome but she worked on it for long — due to the illness of the girl was fired.

I knew a guy Drouet is helping the girl by making her his mistress and soon introduces Kerry with his friend George Hurstwood. George manages a bar and “laid eyes” on beauty, especially after I saw Carrie in Amateur plays.

Exceedingly married and the girl knows it, but he tricked carries the girl to flee the city, robbing the bar. This novel has everything: poverty, wealth, love, betrayal, suicide, but the book ends… this is what you can learn by reading its full contents.

George Sand’s “Indiana”

Beautiful girl with an unusual name Indiana almost from childhood had been forced to marry rich. The husband does not respect her and treated like a slave. Indiana against fate, risking life and reputation, trying to find an own place in life and decent man who will respect her first and foremost as a woman.

An unhappy marriage is no surprise, but sand has shown in his work the psychology of people. In fact, it is a Handbook on how to endure life’s mistakes and become happy. Will appeal to anyone who loves to ponder and draw conclusions.

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