5 great post-apocalyptic books

The imagination of the authors draws the catastrophe which, in their opinion, will inevitably come upon the Earth. A flood, nuclear explosion, the fight with the carnivorous plants in these works go by the wayside. In the center of the stories — people struggling not only with that horror but also with our peers and with ourselves for the title of Homo sapiens.Image result for fallout

John Wyndham “The day of the triffids”

The story centers on the struggle of people with carnivorous plants called triffids. It was grown on special farms under strict control. Plants have been a valuable source of oil, replacing the oil, but was also very dangerous to humans.

The triffids could move to kill the sting of people to communicate with each other, and also had acute hearing. One can only imagine what happened after they escaped to freedom. The unusual meteor shower was the cause of the blindness of most people and the ensuing chaos. Carnivorous triffids waiting for the onlookers every step of the way!

Cormac McCarthy “The Road”

Two characters — father and son the teenager walking along the road alone knows where. Gradually before the eyes of the readers appears a terrible picture. On Earth happened to global catastrophe: the sun is rare, all the animals and plants died, food either.

It is unknown how much is left of the survivors, but the father and son try to avoid them due to cannibalism. The author has recreated characteristic of the post-Apocalypse atmosphere — the cold, hunger, hopelessness.

An unsettling feeling grows from page to page, but at the same time, it makes you think on many issues. For example, as would I in similar circumstances? Like most of the people descended, or remained faithful to the human values, even under threat of death? The deep and serious novel will surely please you.

John Wyndham “the Kraken wakes”

Aliens or Jupiter or Neptune quietly invaded Earth. Due to the fact that these creatures can live only in conditions of high pressure, they settled in the deepest depressions of the world ocean. The place of their new habitat to WoH is inaccessible to contact or to engage extraterrestrial creatures.

The aliens tried to take advantage of the political situation on the Ground. Is the cold war and countries are unable to unite not only to combat the alien invaders but each other. Gradually, the plan to capture the Kraken manages. They flooded the Arctic glaciers, leading to irreversible consequences — starts the flood.

James Dashner “the maze Runner”

Thomas is a teenager, suddenly waking up in the Elevator, carrying that into the unknown. He remembers nothing but his name, like the memory of someone purposely erased. In the place where he was — the Maze lived the same boys like himself. Each of them has a bright personality that makes the book attractive.

Teenagers live harmoniously and do not lose hope to get out of this hot spot. What lies beyond the Maze? Who are the people who are watching unhappy and give him a new trial? The world of the future after catastrophe conceals more than one secret.

Tatyana Tolstaya “Keys”

Nothing new, it would seem that the writer has not invented. Global catastrophe, the people who lived up to her (former) born after and mutants. But the humor and mysticism give the work a unique flavor. Also interesting is the life of the project.

They live in huts, eat turnips and mice. From the material of the past is almost nothing left, but the culture left a lot of things: writing, ideas, views, books, but people are so alienated that they do not understand the remaining heritage and interpret it differently.

The presentation of the book of humanity will have to pass a test. What it will become after imaginary but real accidents is better or degraded at all? You’ll learn it by reading books about the disaster on the Ground completely.

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