5 fascinating books

Everyone has their favorite books, but we are always ready to add to the list of new stories. Today provided an interesting book with an unusual story that you may not have read.

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Heinrich Boll’s “The Lost honor of Katharina Blum”

The book was published in 1974. What? A young German woman, Katharina fell in love with the real terrorist. After spending the night with him, and the next morning discovers that the lover was gone.

Half a bunch of cops in search of extremists. Not finding the guy, turning to Katherine, very rough, then arrest her. Newspapers, in pursuit of sensation, publishes false information about the girl. Life under the gun lens becomes unbearable. Catarina decides to take revenge on a journalist to discredit her. How? Read about it in the book in full.

Thierry Cohen, “If one day life is gonna take you from me…”

Dancer and the heir to a successful business. They have in common and how can they be together? Gabriel and Clara say that they love each other. Relatives of the guy and the girl sometimes thinks about the frivolity of the relationship.

To realize real feelings or not for some people need a shock. Life gave time to check the love of strength.

Clara was in a terrible accident. The actions gave only eight days, during which Gabriel must prove the strength of their feelings. About whether pair test or not read the book completely.

Daniel Wallace “Ray in reverse”

The book “ray in reverse” from the Creator of the famous novel “Big fish” by Daniel Wallace. It tells the story of a ray. The protagonist of the book died, but the author reports that the interest is not how he died but how he lived. The story of this man is “backward”, i.e. starting from death and finishing with birth.

Sometimes to understand the motives of a person can only leaf through the pages of life back. Tragicomic book of Daniel Wallace will appeal to readers who are interested in unusual books about ordinary people.

Sarah Gio “Salty wind”

Two friends, Anna Calloway, and kitty want to be useful to society and go to the island of French Polynesia Bora Bora as military nurses.

Soon between them is the wave of exclusion. Anna met with a lovely Westry green. In his arms, she forgot her homesickness and friendship with kitty.

One day, walking along the deserted beach, the couple found an old cabin where the artist lived before. Hiding from everyone in this place, they witness a horrific accident.

In our days a certain Genevieve Thorpe wants to shed light on a murder that happened in Bora Bora in 1943. She wants to see Anne Calloway and sends her a letter. What happened on the island you can read in the book “Salty wind”.

Milorad Pavic “Box with writing”

Old secretaire brought more trouble to the new owner than good. All because the hand reached for the inventory of content. One branch after another was revealed the mystery, which certainly wanted to know.

Each Chapter of the book is one compartment of the box, one story. In addition to fifteen discovered the valves is not excluded that there will be something new.

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