5 exceptional fantasy books

The world of fantasy a variety of. Who has not presented himself once a mighty warrior or a beautiful Princess? But to read such things interesting? We will help you to find interesting books.

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Roger Zelazny “Chronicles Of Amber”

One of the most famous novels in the genre of “fantasy.” Consists of a series of books. Produced millions of copies. Corwin — Prince of Amber claims to the Royal crown in the eternal City Amber.

The memory of him erased, and he was abandoned on one of the distant shadows of Amber, the ocean of Chaos, known locally as Earth. Here begins his long arduous way to the coveted dream.

George Martin “Game of thrones. Battle of the kings”

A multi-volume Saga of the Seven Kingdoms. In that distant land, the seasons have shifted and may continue for years. Against this background, the unfolding struggle for the Iron throne of Westeros. An influential family does not shun any means to achieve their goals. Palace intrigues escalate into civil war.

Some regions proclaim independence. In the far North of Westeros is a giant Wall divides the southern and Northern kingdoms, defending the South from the Other, bearing the cold and death.

In the East the Princess of the ruling dynasty of the Targaryens, Daenerys searches for allies to reclaim the throne. She is the Mother of three of the world’s only dragons. The struggle for power began. Who will succeed?

Terry Pratchett “Discworld Series”

A collection of books, amounting to more than 40 volumes. Pratchett writes this series of novels for almost 30 years! The interest of readers over time, not diminished, on the contrary, the appetite continues to grow.

The incredible adventures of the characters, the author’s ability to talk about serious things with a subtle English humor is an attractive constituent feature of novels about a Flat world.

Lewis Clive Staples “Chronicles Of Narnia”

Children’s adventure novel about the country of Narnia, where animals talk, good as always struggling with evil. In this book intertwined Christian ideas with Greek and Roman mythology. The author also included the story of some characters from Irish and British fairy tales.

Howard Robert “Conan”

Rude and ruthless Cimmerian Conan is endowed with remarkable strength. After the death of his father, he was on the path of vengeance for the entire Cimmerian race. In search of the killer, it will be a long way, battling with the supernatural. Who will win the sword or magic? Read about Conan — the last hope of all the oppressed.

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