5 cool books!

Choose a book, not a problem, but to find something interesting and exciting is not easy. To avoid spending precious time on the literary forums and chat rooms in search of the worthwhile literature, we suggest familiarizing with our list of online now.

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Blake Crouch “Pines. A town in Nowhere”

After a car accident, a secret service agent wakes up in the hospital. He realizes that he can’t remember anything and has no idea where he is. Attempts to contact local residents and authorities are progressing successfully. Only one way out ― to leave the city. But all roads from a small town called Lost pines lead back to him. At the end of the works, you expect the unexpected ending. Read the book “Pine. A town in Nowhere” online at our website.

Charles Dickens “Bleak house”

“Bleak house” is one of the most entertaining novels of the famous English writer. Dickens, the master of his words, he painted the masterpiece mystery secrets and intricate plot lines. The author tells readers the life story of Esther summerson., which is intertwined with a criminal investigation into insightful inspector of Scotland Yard. To learn more, we offer you to read bleak house online for free.

Donna Tartt Of The Goldfinch

Writer Donna of Tartt for the book “the Goldfinch” has already received a number of awards and prizes. According to the story, the protagonist, waking up in a big explosion at the Museum, receives from the hands of a wounded man unusual ring and picture with only one request: to keep these relics safe. This request will be the stumbling block that will drag the hero to the bottom and the lifeline that will help him at the last second. Read the Goldfinch online for free without registration right now.

Paul Hawkins “The Girl on the train”

Well, Dyson and Jess. Such names he chose the main character for their “perfect” narrowed, which she conducts daily observation through the window of a passing train. But at one point she notices something strange and shocking happens to them in the yard. This experience was full enough to build a new view of this unusual family. Read the book “the Girl on the train” for free and learn more.

Ian McEwan’s “The Innocent or the Special relationship”

The novel of Ian McEwan is both a love story, historical drama, psychological Thriller and a fascinating detective story. The author describes the events in post-war Berlin, on the border between West and East. The accompaniment is the events actually took place, though the first pages give the impression of the creepy face.

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