5 books about time travel

Jump in time and even the thought of their ability unprecedentedly expand the horizons of perception of the world, forced to look at our time from a different angle. Our readers should not wait for the invention of a time machine. Read are books and travel to the future or the past without any problems.

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“End Of Eternity” By Isaac Asimov

The book is considered the best or, at least, one of the best in the writer. The author is traditionally simple language to describe complex mechanisms of time and space, well-ordered characters and intrigue, twisting plot into a time loop.

The work describes that in the future time travel became commonplace. Technology appeared in XXVII century, and in the XXX century began to operate the organization, which first engaged in human trafficking from different eras, and then all was to change the course of history. Possessing information, she owned the world. Once the situation has changed.

“Between two times” Jack Finney

Bored at work Simon Morley is invited to participate in the experiment. He passes a bunch of tests and finds out the essence of the proposal — move in time. Simon is happy to get in the past — in the nineteenth century. Besides, he has a great opportunity to learn the circumstances of the murder of a distant relative.

Morley appeared in new York in 1882. At that time there were no cars, no cell phones, even electric light was not. Faded photographs of distant relatives seem to come to life and adventures of Simon, the time traveler began.

“Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell

The work consists of six books. Each book is a separate story, which is interrupted in the middle, then starts the next. After neurasthenia stories are published in reverse order. The main characters all parts inexplicably linked to each other.

Everyone has their own secret and special life. The time period of the story — the mid-nineteenth century to the post-apocalyptic sunset of civilization. In the end readers will be there, where it all began — in the XIX century in the South Pacific ocean. Fascinating book “Cloud Atlas” is available for free completely.

“11/22/63” Stephen King

The main idea of the book is to go forward and not look back. The main character works Jake Epping did not understand this simple truth and the fates decided to travel in time, specifically, in 1958 to prevent the Kennedy assassination.

Is it possible to change the past? Jake, jumping in 1958, in 2011, bit by bit changing the past, changing the future. Until a critical mass of the collected “crumbs” did not destroy the reality. Reading Stephen king is always fun.

“When the Sleeper wakes” H. G. Wells

Once on the desert the coast, the young artist met a man who was in a deep depression. He complains that for a long time can not sleep. The artist pities the poor fellow and invites you to his Studio to rest.

The stranger, a little calmer, goes to sleep. Only to Wake him now, no one can. Earthlings call it Sleeping. The body is Sleeping in the likeness of the mausoleum has been carefully preserved. No one seriously thinks he will ever Wake up from their lethargy.

Hero wakes up as much as 200 years. During this time his savings in the Bank increased to astronomical amounts, and he is the richest man in the world. Unsuspecting Sleeper, is involved in the maelstrom of political intrigue.

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