5 books that you will read in one breath

We all value our time. To read large novels is sometimes boring and embarrassing, much more comfortable to enjoy a small story or a book in the cozy autumn evening. On this occasion, the editorial team has prepared for you the list is small, but very interesting books.

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Anna Gavalda “35 kilos of hope”

In his poetic parable of a modern French writer tells the story about the main choice in every person’s life, about dedication and the power of true love. About family relationships. About fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams. About desires and hopes.

The main character, a thirteen-year-old boy, to solve grown-up problems and to open a path into the world of adult problems. Read the book “35 kilos of hope” online, you can by clicking on the link.

Truman Capote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Eccentric Holly wants to bathe in luxury, and wear expensive sparkling, bright diamond necklace. Listening to the voice of the heart, relying on his childlike innocence and charming feminine charm, she is trying to get through high society new York to conquer the city of dreams, where all her desires can be fulfill with one stroke of a banker’s draft.

Read the book “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Ernest Hemingway “The old Man and the sea”

One of the most famous works of Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway’s “the old Man and the sea” will open doors to a new literary world. The main idea of the book “tragic stoicism”: before any obstacles and cruelty of the world, man must retain his dignity and courage. Hemingway depicts the fierce struggle of a fisherman with a huge fish and after contrast enters into the plot of the reflections on human destiny and the surrounding world.

Read the story of Hemingway “the old Man and the sea” online for free without registration.

Terry Prachett “Cat unvarnished”

In the beginning was the word, and the word was a cat. This unshakable truth proclaimed before the world the cat God by his disciple Terry Prachett. If you are an avid ailurophile, then this book is definitely for you. In this work, you can learn all about these little Pets.

The internal structure, the laws of cats, their favorite Hobbies, and food. For ease of reference and clarity, the book is filled with pictures and tips. Read the book “the cat unvarnished” online on our website.

Martin Page “How I became an idiot”

The debut work by a French writer thirty years Lord of the mind and soul of his fans mentions the problems of young intellectuals of today, who have difficulties interacting with society.

The hero of this work believes that the mind brings only loneliness and disappointment, whereas the simulation of the mind can help you become “immortal”, to gain public recognition.

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